Shoe go away

A while ago we got this new high-tech tool to help us with purchases. It sure beats a million manually updated Excel sheets. However, when we started using it, we also noticed this dum dum thing… that we have been buying too many shoes. Well, fuckloads too many shoes and boots. At the moment our warehouse is drowning in these fuckers.

In some cases, this would be a very good thing. Unfortunately at the moment it isn’t - they take way too much space, and there’s too much money just gathering dust. At the current rate, we would be selling this batch until the summer of ‘32, so we just have to make them disappear faster.

This isn't the best business deal we’ve had but at least you get some cheaper shoes and we get some money and space in our warehouse for hopefully some better-planned stuff.

The sale continues until September 11, 2022. Some of these shoes will disappear from our selection entirely, and they will be available at lower prices until they are eliminated.

This will not become a habit!