Old Jokes

Old Jokes

When digging through old and suspicious warehouses in search of military surplus, we come across some very questionable items with a negative historical or inhumane past. Because these are serious things, we are as considerate as possible when describing them: with humor as black as our souls.

Some people really hate us for it and we've had our share of troubles from The Council of Ethics in Advertising, among others. However, the distinct Varusteleka-style complements the news and history books in a way that makes evils of the world better known and helps the general public realize how important it is to be The Good Guys.

Most people cheer when we do things our way and that's what has kept us going all these years. Just like in movies, the dark side will lose eventually, despite the challenges and struggles of heroes.

Here's a glance at products past or present, which have inspired us or others. See if you can also spot the April Fool's products!