Varusteleka Condom

1.99 EUR
Varusteleka Condom
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Pentagon Hermes softshell trousers

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Full nylon "action pants".These keep wind and light rain off, and breathe way better than GTX membranes. An excellent compromise for general use during the more unstable months of the year, either with Merino wool underwear or not. As a bonus for the civilian, these don't even look all that warry while still have pocket room for the essentials.

Although Gore-Tex is a nice invention, rubber has it's own benefits. Even under high pressure rubber doesn't let anything through - in or out. Like a gas mask, this keeps unwanted particles at a distance and lets you handle your catch safely.

Although these definitely are collectible items, they are first and foremost meant for proper use. If you or the condom fails, we do not accept any liability for unwanted offspring. We do not accept babies as customer returns after nine months. Nor after that, for that matter.

For you to avoid three years of insomnia and general draining of life along babyvomit, please check correct handling instructions: ch?v=tcpfZKvOFZ4 Good advice for avoiding STDs as well.

Believe it or not, but condoms have their own part in military history! addition to the free evenings during military service. Preventatives have been used by soldiers through the ages to protect their gun barrels from water and dirt. The best thing is that you can still shoot with the rubber on if necessary, as most "proper" protectors might get exciting if you were to discharge your weapon with one attached.

Our own production, and unused. Who knows, maybe we could get condoms as used Bundeswehr surplus some day, but for now, we can only dream...

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