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Danish anklets, surplus

Danish anklets, surplus ADDED TODAY

7.99 EUR

Danish or maybe Norwegian version of the classic British style anklets. Although the Brits exchanged the anklets for wool puttees soon after the Second World War, some other Commonwealth countries and Nordic armies continued to use them. These are pretty good in their class, all in all a very gentlemanly pair o' spats!

Finnish EM cockade, woven

Finnish EM cockade, woven  ADDED TODAY

0.99 EUR

Made in Finland. A simple white & blue cloth enlisted men's cockade of the Finnish army. Sewn on the front of your hat. Any hat. Do it.

British Headover neck tube, surplus

British Headover neck tube, surplus ADDED TODAY

4.99 EUR

A neck tube, headover or toque is one of those inventions people take for granted or some have even forgotten. Still, it's a very simple and versatile piece of clothing to wear in cool and cold weather. We have a selection of these for sale, here's a British one. This is one of the rare military issue headovers that will actually cover your whole head and neck at the same time!

Civilian Labs leather wallet with reel, II-quality

Civilian Labs leather wallet with reel, II-quality ADDED TODAY

24.99 EUR 34.99 EUR

Stylish and simple leather wallet for bills and cards with a secure reel to keep the wallet with you at all times. 'II-quality' means these might have rust traces on the metal parts, but all in all a very first world problem. A secure quality wallet for cheap! One-off lot!

10 mm button ribbon, 10 m

10 mm button ribbon, 10 m ADDED TODAY

5.99 EUR

10 mm wide ribbon, commonly used for attaching "Canadian style" slotted buttons. Sold in lengths of 10 meters, enough to re-button a whole uniform and more.

Zipper puller, 10 pcs

Zipper puller, 10 pcs ADDED TODAY

7.99 EUR

A neat little accessory or spare part for just about any zipper. Just thread the cord loop through the zipper pull and the rubber grip through the loop and you´re done! Reduces noise from metal zipper pullers and makes handling easier, especially with gloves on.

2M Slotted button, 10 pcs

2M Slotted button, 10 pcs ADDED TODAY

5.99 EUR

Slotted buttons, a.k.a. Bar buttons or Canadian buttons are just fantastic, stronger and sturdier than your regular four-hole buttons. These ones made by 2M are extra fancy, the material is not rock hard but somewhat soft which means these won´t crack in any conditions and as an added bonus the soft surface causes very little noise when colliding against other gear.

Finnish branch insignia, metal, Viestikoelaitos

Finnish branch insignia, metal, Viestikoelaitos  ADDED TODAY

1.49 EUR

Made in Finland. A small brass piece denoting its wearer belonging under the branch of Viestikoelaitos ('Communication testing institution' or something in English, maybe).

Finnish branch insignia, metal, Lentotekniikkalaitos

Finnish branch insignia, metal, Lentotekniikkalaitos  ADDED TODAY

1.49 EUR

Made in Finland. A small brass piece denoting its wearer belonging under the branch of Lentotekniikkalaitos ('Aviation technics' or something in English).

High-visibility vest, day-glo yellow

High-visibility vest, day-glo yellow ADDED TODAY

4.99 EUR

A simple high-visibility vest, the kind that way more cyclists should wear. Of course this fits into the car trunk as well. These are dead stock from a dead company and priced accordingly.

Dutch undershirt, long sleeve, gray, surplus

Dutch undershirt, long sleeve, gray, surplus ADDED TODAY

6.99 EUR

The Dutch army long sleeve shirt is something we would like to see more as surplus; a well made, lightweight and moisture wicking round neck top for cheap, just the thing you want to carry around just in case no matter what the situation is.

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