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Estecs Elastic bandage

Estecs Elastic bandage ADDED TODAY

3.99 USD

Elastic bandages are easy to use and serve many purposes, this is a valuable addition to any first aid kit.

Savotta MPP Foam mat

Savotta MPP Foam mat ADDED TODAY

18.99 USD

The MPP, as in Multi PurPose, Foam Mat is just that: a cell foam padded mat that performs well in a number of tasks. This can be used as a pad inside a small daypack, as a sitting pad in the outdoors or a mouse mat for your computer. Simple, functional, neat!

Berghaus SMPS Crusader RC

Berghaus SMPS Crusader RC ADDED TODAY

226.99 USD 352.99 USD

A modular Special Mission Pack System (SMPS) has been developed to carry a variety of long distance rifles in a drag bag (sold separately) with a length up to 130 cm. Longer rifles can be carried in one piece, when placed direct in the envelope of the Crusader RC (rifle carrier), without using the drag bag

Soviet field spade, surplus

Soviet field spade, surplus ADDED TODAY

18.99 USD

Old Soviet field spades, just the kind like used in times past. Even Soviet Union did not manage to ruin a simple shovel, so these are near indestructible but still easy to repair if necessary.

Swedish M51 gas mask bag, surplus

Swedish M51 gas mask bag, surplus ADDED TODAY

5.99 USD

The old Swedish army gas mask bag is ahead of its time with the clever front-opening feature. Fits extremely well for the modern man with a life so hectic he has no time to dig through his stuff - just open this and the said stuff practically pours out!

Särmä TST L3 Wind jacket

Särmä TST L3 Wind jacket ADDED TODAY

72.99 USD

A very lightweight and packable windshell layer jacket. Keeps freezing winds and light rain at bay while allowing moisture to freely evaporate. Primarily designed for layering between base layers and camouflage wear, but can also be used as a stand-alone jacket in light use.

Särmä TST L4 Field Jacket

Särmä TST L4 Field Jacket ADDED TODAY

135.99 USD

The L4 Field Jacket was designed for pure functionality. Smart materials and a purpose built design guarantee the best possible comfort regardless of what type of fighting and/or sustainment load you´re carrying. This is a great alternative for the Finnish military issue M05 jacket, which suffer from a load of compromises due to the fact that it was designed to double up as parade wear.

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Varusteleka Facebook posts Show more FACEBOOK Here´s some photos from a in-house traning session for our shop and customer service staff regarding the new Hawu tents made by Finn-Savotta Oy. No amount of text or photos is ever as good as some hands-on experience! Although Hawu tents have been around since the late 90´s this is the first time that they´ve been produced in any real numbers, which means that finally people can actually get their hands on some of these fine specimens of Finnish design! This thing is really fantastic, especially for those who´ve experienced the joys of the old Finnish military 10-man "Sissi tent". If the Hawu is totally news to you here´s some basic info: -Designed for outdoors and military use all year round. -Can be divided into two halves for transport etc. -The halves can be used independently like tarps. -Can be pitched using a tree trunk instead of a center pole. -Doesn´t use any corner poles, just a center pole (or tree) and pegs. -The zippers used to divide the tent halves also function as emergency exits. -And naturally compatible with wood burning stoves. Compared to the old Finnish army "Sissi tent" (Google is your friend if you want to know more about this thing) the Hawu is easier to transport and pitch and just more user-friendly in every way. The absence of corner poles and the fact that you can use a tree instead of a separate center pole means you just need pegs and that´s it, and the pegs can of course be made from available materials out in the woods. And since you can pitch the Hawu either between trees or around one it´s a lot easier to find a good spot to set up camp. A good example of how easy the Hawu is to pitch is the fact that it took a mere ten minutes from start to finish by a lone, rather unexperienced user to pitch this tent we used for training. With some further experience and a few extra hands the Hawu can be pitched in under two minutes. PS: the tent in the photos is the smaller Hawu 4.