Fur hat, rabbit, unethical

Fur hat, rabbit, unethical

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A very nice fur hat, the only problem is that these are made of horribly tortured baby rabbits. Really. Don't expect more when these are gone. We're not monsters.

We got these in a load of army surplus by mistake, so it isn't like we actively sought out unethical stuff. Fur-terrorists take note: it's pointless to come after us. You can blame the southern Germans for this little heroic act. Attractive men and women hitchhiking down that way may get a ride from us, up to the outer edges of Berlin.

Rabbits are raised for food, but usually their furs are not used. Fur rabbits are raised separately, in very cruel conditions. They are killed so young that only the fur will be used, and we don't like wastefulness. Making one of these hats has required several meters of rabbit fur. However, even though these are created in an unethical manner, it's a shame to throw away a perfectly good, warm fur hat, so...

Sizes run large. The most immoral of our minions have tested these with great enthusiasm, and so we can give some of our own estimates about the sizing (head circumference in centimeters).

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