Swedish "Commando" underpants, navy model, surplus

7.99 EUR
Swedish "Commando" underpants, navy model, surplus
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Jesus Christ! Get a look at that arse! Oh, I mean, those underpants.

Update 2.4.2010:We put these on sale 1.4.2010, and unfortunately they sold out immediately. We'll get more in stock at the beginning of April next year.

The official name for these in Swedish is "Kalsonger, kommando, pojkar". These underpants don't chafe, aren't too tight, and don't hinder mobility. They are also incredibly breathable and put other technical underwear to shame. And that seam! It makes taking a piss while wearing these an effortless task - one of the best designs we've seen! Only the US Marines boxers are easier to use. Unfortunately we only have mens models available. We tried getting some womens models, but the importer refused to deliver, for some odd reason.

We still haven't figured out the sizing system for these underpants, but it's safe to say that one sizes fits all. Either way, as with all underwear, we don't accept returns. C'mon, the smell of others' intimate areas. No thanks.

Please note: the socks, ass, and shirt pictured are not included in the price, but are sold separately.

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Mukavat käyttää pitemmälläkin marssilla! Ainoa miinuspuoli siinä että parin kuukauden käytön jälkeen viimein pesuun enkä edelleenkään ole löytänyt pyykkien joukosta. Harmi ettei näitä enää saa.
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