Frequently Asked Questions

    Order issues

    Where’s my order?

    This is a million peso question. After you have placed the order, a confirmation and a receipt magically appear on your email (if not, though, we recommend checking your spam folder, and if that doesn’t help, then please contact us). A link to the tracking appears on the receipt as soon as the order is shipped. As soon as your order has a tracking number, you can follow the unbelievable adventure of your package from our warehouse to you.

    What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

    The first thing you should do is check your receipt and the tracking link on it. Sometimes it takes time for the postal companies to deliver the goods. Sometimes, however, a wild problem might appear and affect the delivery. If it takes a long, long time or the tracking shows cryptic messages or any kind of problems, contact our customer service and we will make everything work again (since we’re super awesome). Or we might re-send or refund the order depending on the circumstances.

    My order status is still ‘processing’, when will it be shipped?

    Sometimes we misplace items or hide stuff in places we can't access without doing a human pyramid. In these cases, it might take a bit longer to collect the items to your order. Other times, the delay in processing might be caused by this nonsense called weekends or holidays, and our warehouse people would be super grumpy if we would force them to work 7 days a week. But don't worry, we will collect and ship the orders as fast as humanly and robotically possible. And if however there seems to be no logical explanation for the delay, please let us know about your impatience by contacting us, and we’ll do our best to solve the issue.

    Can I add an item to my order?

    Adding stuff to your order after you have paid is unfortunately not possible.

    I want to cancel my order

    If you change your mind about your order, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]

    What happens if I'm not in when my order arrives?

    Then the postal worker will shrink and come to your house to deliver the goods through the chimney or even a keyhole, just remember to leave some cookies, milk, and/or whiskey for refreshment. Jokes aside, the postal worker will try again later or leave a note for you where the order can be picked up. At least that's what they should do.

    Can I have my order delivered to a PO Box address?

    Well, this is not recommended, and we cannot courage you to try it since there are many restrictions regarding the issue internationally.

    Parcels cannot be delivered to military bases, APO/FPO addresses or in some countries to PO boxes.

    One exception to this is Canada, though. According to our tenuous knowledge, if you do not have a civic address and you accept all your mail from Canada Post at a PO box address, that should do. Please choose Posti Priority as the delivery method in this case.

    Can I have my order delivered to my work address?

    We all know how it feels to be tied to the radiator and working 24/7, writing the FAQ and answering the emails, and so on. Therefore it is possible. If you are up to order stuff to your second home, just double-check the address and add essential information (i.e. the company name and so on), so it is easy for the postal company to deliver your package to the right place. Also, make sure that your work address is not a military base APO/FPO or PO box. Unfortunately, our logistics partners won’t accept these addresses.

    Can I have my parcel redirected to a different address?

    We would kindly ask you to order the goods to the address where you are living/staying. This is because redirecting orders is quite hard and does not always work, especially internationally. However, we promise to try our best with the postal companies and send the redirection request, if for some reason this must be done. But please, don't do this for fun.

    Can I choose a specific time or day for my delivery?

    As Super Duper professionals, we are able to prolong the shipping time if needed (please write your wish to the note field already in the shopping cart), but when it comes to the delivery itself, most likely it might be possible then too. At least usually, the postal companies contact the customer regarding the delivery to ensure that the customer actually gets the goods. Splendid, isn’t it?

    Will my parcel be charged customs and import charges?

    If you are ordering from outside the EU, most likely yes. You should check the import limit with your local customs office. Packages to the United States whose declared value is under 800 USD will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork. We send our international orders to countries outside the EU without charging Finnish VAT, so the items will be cheaper for you, but you need to take care of possible taxes and duties according to the destination country. We know it is dull and we are unable to alter the shipping documents for you to get the items tax-free, but this is how the world works and life is not always fair.

    How does Brexit affect ordering from the UK?

    As dictated by UK officials, UK VAT 20 % will be added to orders with a VAT excluded total of under 135 GBP. We will settle these taxes to the UK Gov. For orders with VAT excluded total of over 135 GBP, prices will be VAT free and you have to pay your local customs fees, taxes and duties when the item is delivered. Logistics companies, e.g. DHL Express, might also add a service fee for declaring your item on your behalf. Yes, we know that this is bat shit stupid.

    Why has my order been returned to Varusteleka?

    The international postal services’ ways are mysterious. Not as mysterious as the Sith's ways, but still. Thus far, we’ve been able to detect a few common causes, though: either there has been a problem with the address (i.e. missing details or such), you have not been home at the time of the delivery, or the package has not been collected from the postal office. Sometimes a complete mystery has happened and the order is actually lost.

    Anyway, please double-check the address details in your order. Our system is Finnish and it accepts only the Latin alphabet, so please do not use strange foreign letters such as Cyrillic, Arabic, hiragana, katakana, or Greek, since the system thinks they are all Klingon. Also, please double-check your phone number and tracking details.

    If the order is returned to us and cannot be resent immediately, we automatically refund the order. If you notice that the item is being returned and it’s still on its way, and contact our customer service in time, we can try to resend the order.

    I didn’t get an order confirmation email

    Oopsie! Looks like some whoopsie has happened! Or the order confirmation might be found in your spam folder. If the email is not there, we highly recommend contacting our customer service at [email protected] as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to help you, even if it requires us to travel put our nano gear on, and adventure through cyberspace as Internet ninjas to ensure that the situation is fixed.

    Can you put aside a certain product for me?

    Putting a product aside is unfortunately not possible. But if you have a particular request regarding a product you have included in your order, like a particular shade of grey or certain markings on a surplus item, then, please mention this in the note field at the checkout, and we’ll do our best to collect the right kind of article and make magic happen. Please don’t be mad if we don’t succeed, though. Sometimes these requests are impossible to fulfill while trying to work efficiently at the same time.

    May I purchase a product in advance if it’s not in stock?

    Nope. But you can order the restock notification to your email for that particular product. Just click on the envelope icon on the product page. The reminder will be sent to you as soon as the product is back in stock, and you will be able to buy it right away!

    Am I allowed to order a certain product to my country?

    You should check that with your local customs office.

    Where do I fill my credit card information?

    You don't have to fill in your credit card information on our web page. After you have filled your information and click "Confirm order" our web page will redirect you to the payment provider’s site, where you will need to fill in your credit card information.

    Authorization failed

    Most likely your bank/card company fraud blocking system is blocking the transaction thinking that the payment was fraudulent. This happens sometimes when trying to place international orders, especially from the US/Canada. You can resolve the problem by contacting your bank and asking them to allow international orders. It’s also possible that you’re using a card that isn’t allowed, prepaid cards usually don’t work . If the problem persists, please contact our customer service, tell us as much information as you can and we'll try to help you any way we can!

    Returns and refunds

    Have you received my return?

    First, please check the tracking of your delivery for the estimated arrival to our warehouse. International returns might take up to 30 days to be delivered.

    Your money will be refunded as soon as your return has been accepted and processed, and we’ll notify you about this by email.

    How can I get a return slip? (EU)

    We’re able to generate a label for returns from the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Latvia. If you wish to return products, please contact us at [email protected] and tell us what you wish to return and from which order.

    My return slip is overdue or missing. How can I get a new returns slip? (Sweden)

    We can generate a new return label for you if you contact us at [email protected] and tell us what you wish to return and from which order.

    What happens if I forgot to include my returns note?

    Usually, we’re able to figure out the sender from the package and connect the info with the right order. However, if you do not hear from us within 30 days of your return, please contact us and give us all details that you can. We’ll do our best to help you.

    When do I receive my refund?

    Your money will be refunded as soon as your return has been accepted and processed, and we’ll notify you about this by email.

    International returns might take up to 30 days to be delivered. Please check the tracking of your delivery for the estimated arrival. All returns are processed within a week of acceptance.

    Swedish customers: If you chose Svea invoice as your payment method, and you have already paid your entire invoice, Svea will refund the money to you once we have processed the refund at Varusteleka.

    I got the wrong product/a product was missing/faulty. What should I do?

    Please contact us at [email protected].


    When will I receive the name tags I ordered?

    The delivery time for domestic orders is normally approx. 4 to 6 weeks. For international customers the delivery time may stretch beyond six weeks depending on how long it takes for your order to reach you. Currently the estimated delivery time for domestic orders is 5-10 weeks. The name tags will be sent separately in a letter if they are part of a larger order.

    Why can't I order any Ham Cocks or Tactical Foodpacks from you?

    This is something we hear quite a lot from our overseas customers. This is because some countries prohibit any meat or dairy products from the EU from entering the country. We can sell, package and ship them, but most likely they will be shipped back to us by your customs. This has happened so often nowadays that we decided not to ship them at all. At the moment, this affects the US, Canada, the UK and Japan. We would love to sell you our meat, but unfortunately customs says no.

    Would you happen to have this item left somewhere in the back of the storage?

    While we do have some quite strange things in our warehouse and office, mainly including our staff, the product you want, we just don’t have it. We would of course love to take your money, we just simply don’t have any mysterious piles of products lying on the corridors of our warehouse and office from where we’d be able to locate products that aren’t available on our website.

    How do I request a restock notification?

    You can order a restock notification to your email for a particular product by clicking on the envelope icon on the product page next to the right size or color variable.

    If you're unable to find the icon or otherwise cannot get it done then you've either encountered a bug or the product is being removed from inventory and will not be restocked ever again. If there aren't any mentions about this on the product page please contact our customer service and we'll get on it.

    Why don’t you have this item in your selection? My ten friends and I would buy it for sure.

    It would be great if we would be able to get all suggested products into our range of products, but this is unfortunately impossible. We can forward a suggestion to our purchasing team, but this does not guarantee that we’ll get the product. We usually plan our product range about a year in advance. So even if we decide to include the suggested product in our line, it will take some time before it’s available. And of course, there’s the fact that it just might not be possible to include certain products because of reason x.


    We have received a lot of questions regarding the war in Ukraine. Please see Frequently Asked Questions: Ukraine.