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Särmä is our own brand of general clothing and gear designed for a multitude of uses, from everyday wear and carry to camping, hiking and more. When you're buying Särmä you're getting purpose built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

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The Särmä Material Bank

Even the best designs can be undermined by poor material quality or using a high-grade material in a way that hinders its function. Särmä clothes are designed with a deep understanding of the choice of materials and their application.

Merino Wool
Recycled Fibers
Bionic-Finish Eco

Merino Wool

Wool is awesome, Merino Wool is awesomerer. It wicks moisture and soaks only a small amount of it, resulting in a comfortable feeling. The fine fibers makes Merino wool comfortable like cotton balls even on bare skin.

Merino Wool has natural antibacterial properties and slight odors can be taken care of by airing the garment. However, Merino Wool is also less sensitive to washing compared to ordinary wool. It doesn't shrink or pill that easily.

All Merino Wool in products sold by us is mulesing-free.


Lyocell is soft like cotton, doesn't wrinkle easily, and is twice as strong as otherwise comparable rayon. To top it off, the manufacturing process is less harmful for the environment. Winning for all!

Recycled fibers

The word du jour. We're on this bandwagon.

Bionic-Finish Eco

The PFC-free Bionic-Finish Eco makes the fabric resistant to water and dirt. The principle leans on hyperbranched fibers with ramified structures as seen in treetops. These naturally hydrophobic fibers are attached to the base fabric with special comb polymers and the treatment is effective for up to 20 wash cycles. Ironing or a mild tumble-drying after washing is enough to activate the fibers again.