International returns

  • You can return any item for a refund, within 100 days of receiving your original order.
  • If you would like a different size or color, please return your unwanted item and place a new order through our website. This will allow you to get your new item quickly and avoid the risk of it selling out.
  • All items must be returned in original condition, including possible manufacturer packaging, tags, and any accessories. Please ensure returns are carefully packaged.
  • Please include a note in the package with your contact information and other details about your return. The easiest way to do this is to print out the confirmation page of your order and mark the returned products by circling the product number.
  • Send your package to:
    Returns/Varusteleka Oy
    Ruosilantie 2
    00390 Helsinki
  • Depending on the options available in your country, you'll be responsible for the cost of returning any items.
  • Make sure you use a postal service that insures you for the value of the items you are returning and obtain proof of posting.
  • Always inform us about your return, if you’re returning items outside Finland. Let us know about your return by sending us email to Please include information about the products you returned and the tracking code for the return.
  • We'll refund the price you paid for your item back to your original payment method.

In addition to the directions above, we have a few different returns instructions for some European locations:

  • Sweden: Product returns are free of charge for 14 days after the order has been received. You can return the product to the same DHL service point where you picked it up from by using the returns card you got with your order. If you wish to return items after 14 days of delivery, you may do so by paying for the return yourself.
  • Estonia SmartPost: Those orders which have been placed using SmartPost have 14 days time of free returns. Find and select package return from the SmartPOST unit's menu, and the unit will prompt you for the locker code. The locker code is the same you received via SMS-message when your first picked up your package. The locker will open after you input the code. The code is valid only 14 days after you have picked up your parcel. Please notify us via e-mail to and include the return’s tracking code to your message. Thank you!
  • We’re able to generate returns labels for several European countries for the charge of 15 EUR. If you wish to make a return from Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia or Poland, please contact us at for more information.

Domestic returns

How to return products in domestic orders

Products can be returned and refunded in two ways; directly to our store or by the Finnish postal service. Please Note! If you return products directly in our store, make sure to bring the receipt! Here are some instructions for returns and refunds:

  • If you got a faulty product, we may not want it back. If you can email us pictures describing the problem, we usually send a replacement without any further hassle.
  • Pack the items carefully in a delivery-proof box (original delivery packaging works best, usually)
  • Include a note with the following information: Order number, your name, your address, reason for returning the items, and what do you want us to do with your return - replacement/refund/etc.
  • If you want a refund, provide us with your bank details
  • Return the products to the same instance you picked them up. If you ordered them to Posti/Itella office, return package in post office. If you ordered the products to be picked up from Siwas, Valintatalos or other Matkahuolto’s offices, take the return packet to the same office.
  • POST: Take the package to a Finnish post office (Posti/Itella) and tell that you have a customer return to Varusteleka. They should accept the parcel without you paying anything for it. All the information you should need is that it's a customer return and it's for Varusteleka. They should even find the address for you. You don't need to pay for the delivery. If somebody tries to charge you for the delivery or they need more information, you are either misunderstood or the person behind the counter doesn't know how to do his/her job. Just in case, here is our address:
    Varusteleka OY
    Ruosilantie 2
    00390 Helsinki
  • SmartPOST: Find and select package return from the SmartPOST unit's menu, and the unit will prompt you for the locker code. The locker code is the same you received via SMS-message when your first picked up your package. The locker will open after you input the code. Please note! The code is valid only 14 days after you have picked up your parcel.
  • MATKAHUOLTO: Go to the same office you picked the packet up and tell them you want to return the packet. They will need your name and our identification number 9514740. If you have the original packet label with you, all the better.
  • The Finnish postal service works very well most of the time. If you have a problem with them, tell us and we will give them hell.

USE ONLY THE RETURN METHODS MENTIONED ABOVE! We won't accept any other returns! Do not send packages as regular post or do not use cash on delivery. The two allowed methods are completely FREE OF CHARGE (for the customer, not for us), relatively quick and best of all, EASY - USE IT.

If you send us returns some other way, the parcels usually get returned to you, as we won't accept them. If you paid for the shipping for yourself, we won't refund them.

Domestic returns shipping time

If you are wondering why there has been no answer about your returns, the most probable reason is that the parcel has not been delivered to Varusteleka yet. Finnish mail corporation Itella handles returns as a second class mail, which reflects to delivery time. Usually, it takes 5-14 days for the returns parcel to reach Varusteleka. Matkahuolto is a bit quicker than Itella. When the parcel is delivered to us, we will handle them on the double.

Good to know

We sell two general types of products; used (secondhand) and new. All product descriptions include statements of the items condition - those without it are new. Different apparel use different size systems, these are better explained in the sizes section. The use of size systems and their interprerations are recommended - get the right size right away. Follow our instructions and usually there is no need for returns.

Returns and refunds in a nut shell:

  • Returns and refunds are easy.
  • Domestic returns and refunds are free of charge.
  • All products have a 14-day return policy, from the day you receive your order.
  • Returned products have to be in resellable condition - you can try products on, but not use them outdoors! Outdoor fitting is stricly forbidden and will void the right to return products.
  • At the moment we only accept returns. No exchanges.
  • Orders can be returned fully or partially. Shipping fee will be refunded if the order is returned in full.
  • Products have to be returned with everything included in the original package, unless otherwise agreed upon.

After receiving your order, consider trying clothes on like you would be in a walk-in store. You have to do this in a clean enviroment. The most common problem with returns is that people buy shoes, walk in them outdoors and then try to return them. This is not possible, as the shoes cannot be sold as new after that.

Additional information about domestic returns

We process the domestic returns immediately as we get them. We're fast. However, returns shipping is not so fast, it can take as long as two weeks for the packages to get to us. Be patient. The returns service is slow because we don't pay as much for it as for regular shipping. Nobody in Finland does. This is the right way to do it, because if the returns would be sent as fast as the stuff we send out from here, our products would cost a lot more. Most people don't have to deal with returns, they get what they want from the start. We think it's rightful not to make them pay more.