Varusteleka contact information

Having problems placing an order or would you like to talk about something else with us? Please contact us, and we will help you succeed! We usually reply within 24h to all questions. See also Frequently asked questions.

Customer service

[email protected]
Tel: +358 10 320 3813
Landline 8,35 ct/call + 6,00 ct/min
Mobile network 8,35 ct/call + 17,17 ct/min

We are online:

  • Weekdays 08:00-18:00 EET
  • Weekends10:00-18:00 EET


  • Easter 15th to 18th April - online 10:00-18:00 EET
  • Ascension Day 26th May - online 10:00-18:00 EET

Tailoring services

[email protected]