B2B, Military and Law Enforcement

We offer product development, consulting, and procurement expertise to businesses and military & law enforcement organizations with ten years of experience. Varusteleka's knowledgeable team, specialized in B2B and military & law enforcement sales, manages the process from start to finish.

Send us a message at [email protected], and let's see what we can offer! We respond to messages on weekdays the same day, often within a few hours.

Custom Order Selection

Carinthia, Mechanix, Celox, Camelbak, CPE, Salomon, PGD, AKU, Petzl, Hesco, Sordin, Altama, Ortlieb, Tactical Foodpack, Blå Band... If a garment, equipment, or accessory exists, we can efficiently source it. Our sourcing is not limited to our existing online store inventory or stock levels. We order goods as needed or search globally for the best fit for your purposes. We have reliable international procurement channels and collaborative networks. The price is determined on a case-by-case basis. So, send us an inquiry, and you will receive a tailored quote.

Product Development and Customization

In addition to sourcing, we offer product development and design. We design and launch dozens of products annually for both our own range and our customers' needs. It's possible to order larger quantities of products from our own brands. We can also customize existing products according to your preferences, for example with different prints.

Expertise and Quality Materials

The quality of our products is based on continuous skill development and high-quality materials. We collaborate with leading manufacturers and material suppliers. We continually improve our expertise and products through collaboration with our international contacts and by closely following industry developments through our staff, partners, and customers. We also participate annually in the industry's most important trade fairs.