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Why should I register? I’m already a happy customer!

Because you’ll be glad you did! As our Regular Pig you can enjoy certain privileges and gain inside information! And don’t let the name fool you: Regular Pig is just a word play on the Finnish term for regular customer.

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Why be a Regular Pig?

Piirros Kantasiasta

Pre-filled information at checkout

Your checkouts will be a breeze when all of your information is saved on your Regular Pig account. You’ll save time - and you know what they say about that.

Monthly offers and the beer of the week

Regular Pigs are eligible for the Regular Pig Offer every month, and get the Beer of the Week in our bar Sotima a bit cheaper than other folks.

Piirros Kantasiasta
Piirros Kantasiasta

Order history

No need to keep all those pesky paper receipts anymore! All purchases you make will be stored on your Regular Pig account, also when you visit our physical store.

Write reviews and comments

Regular Pigs can write reviews on the items they’ve purchased, so you can influence other people’s decisions - and also make your opinion known to our product development wizards!

Piirros Kantasiasta
Piirros Kantasiasta

Get the inside scoop

Regular Pigs can subscribe to the Propaganda Newsletter, where we tell you secret information about new items, special surplus hauls and tips and tricks for using your gear. Subscribing is optional, and you can opt out whenever you want.

Circular Economy

Regular Pigs can return their used items to our Circular Economy Kierto. So far, returns can only be made from Finland by mail or by bringing them straight to our store. Read more about Kierto.

Piirros Kantasiasta