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Customer service backed up!

17.02.2017 A little update about what's going on here behind the curtain. Our customer service is backed up at the moment, thanks to a pretty nasty flu and who knows what else! We're working hard to get things back to normal by the end of the month. At the moment there is a delay of a few days, but we're handling all returns and responding to messages as we hack away at the queue.

International orders have taken off at record speed, and our system updates haven't been able to keep up. This will be fixed next week, and orders will ship out in the promised one to two day time frame. A portion of US orders are still more or less stuck at JFK, but it appears as if things are starting to clear up, finally.

As you can see from Facebook post, the situation is under control. Don't panic!

Ladies BDU trousers in the works

02.02.2017 Women are traditionally overlooked in our business and we want to change that. We are planning to launch Särmä Ladies BDU trousers in fall 2017. These won’t be stone-washed trinkets with small fake pockets, but quite simply the street-proven trousers as they have been made since the 80’s with a few improvements. We won't make fashionable "feelbad-sizes" only for small ladies: various sizes will be available.

If you’re a fan of BDU trousers but would like to see a detail or feature added, then help us make better trousers for you by commenting on our Facebook post.