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Epic Market Saturday X
Varusteleka's amazing super event is here again, and this time we are celebrating the big 1-0! We'll have some great sales, so this is something you definitely won't want to miss! Or shop is going to be open as usual, 10.00 – 18.00, and our bar will stay open until 22. During the day we will have a load of interesting stuff: a tank, some contests, a band, great food, airsoft shooting range, and some other stuff, too. Come for the sales, stay for the show!
Varusteleka <3 Savotta
A crazy party is coming! We put our heads together with Savotta and decided to make this proper good event for Saturday, 3.6, here in our Ruosilantie premises!
M05 Launch Party
The Finnish M05 camo will be commercially available on the 26th of September 2016! This is fantastic news, until now (then) it has been copyright protected by the Defence Forces and all commercial production and sales have been prohibited. So what better way to celebrate than by holding a little release party? What does this mean for you, our customers and fans? Well, it means that you can buy M05 gear! Not just any old issue gear, but our own improved versions, so oven fresh that they are still in the plastic! Could this get any better? Yes!
Epic Crap Bazaar and Crazy Mikko's Mega Bargains
Oh boy what a day!
Varusteleka Mega Grand Opening 2018
Location: Hankasuontie 11 A Date: SAT 11th of AUG 2018 Time: 10:00-02:00 Free admission! You'll find the event on Facebook - Click "interested" or "going" to get notifications!
Jalas Footstop Service 1.11.2018
Measuring one's feet and explaining shoe fit is probably among the most mysterious things known to man. Jalas (Ejendals Ltd) arrives in our store on 1.11.2018 with a FootStopService scanner, which analyzes your complete sole profile, and you don't even have to take socks off to do this.
Sotima Halloween Party 2.11.2018
Halloween, what a wonderful excuse to get together, wear awesome costumes and drink wet and intoxicating liquids at Varusteleka's Bar Cafe, Sotima.
Jalas Footstop Service 10.11.2018
Measuring one's feet and explaining shoe fit is probably among the most mysterious things known to man. Jalas (Ejendals Ltd) arrives in our store on 10.11.2018 with a FootStopService scanner, which analyzes your complete sole profile, and you don't even have to take socks off to do this.
Haix & CPE Saturday 17.11.2018
Haix and CPE representatives will land right in the middle of our store on 17.11.2018. Come and talk about picking the right shoe in the right size, body armour or life in general! Also available a display of shot-out body armour, free coffee mugs and refills at our bar!
Varusteleka and Sotima pikkujoulu party
Join us at our pre-christmas party at Sotima! Age restriction 18 years. Event starts on friday 7th December at 20:00 and carries on until 02:00.
Varusteleka <3 Kalevala Jewelry
Kalevala Jewelry is an old Finnish maker of precious metal things. They happen to reside just upstairs, so it's only natural to say hello now and then. So, we decided to try this Shop-in-Shop thing: they're right in the middle of our store for a few weeks. Come and say hello if you're around!
Desert Brutality 2019
Wait, didn't we just participate Desert Brutality 2018? Oh man, time flies!
Varusteleka at GoExpo 15.-17. March 2019
Here we go again! The roadshow adventure begins anew and kicks off at GoExpo, Helsinki.
Meet & Greet: Polenar Tactical on 5th of April 2019
Not just any bunch of Slovenians but Polenar Tactical itself! If you've always wanted to meet this trio, Žigan, Samo, and Manca, now is the chance - they're arriving to Finland!
Polenar Tactical Rifle Course at Loppi range 6th of April 2019
The whole Polenar Tactical team is coming to Finland! If you don't know who these guys are, you should check out these links below. Proper good shit!
Polenar Tactical Rifle Course at Loppi range 7th of April 2019
The whole Polenar Tactical team is coming to Finland! If you don't know who these guys are, you should check out these links below. Proper good shit!
War Flea Market and terrace opening 2019
It's been a while, but now, War Fleamarket is coming!
Meet & Greet: InRange TV - Polenar Tactical - Rudy Reyes
The proper way to kick-off our upcoming two weeks of intense fun is to have a meet & greet on wednesday 7th of August!
Combat Tracking Course, David Scott-Donelan, 22.-23.8.2019
This class provides a strong foundation and understanding of combat tracking. Students learn fundamentals of tracking an individual, work together as a tracking team, and basic visual tracking techniques. Students who complete all courses In this series will be capable of conducting tracking team techniques to find, fix and report information and locate their quarry based on mission.
IMTT history lecture: Rhodesian bush war from the operator’s perspective 24.8.2019
Africa’s recent history from the ’60s and ‘70s was controversial and grim times, which impact on the continent is still visible today. One of the most controversial conflicts from that era is undoubtedly Rhodesian bush war, which eventually led to perishing of Rhodesia and birth of Zimbabwe. From a military history point of view, the Rhodesian conflict has been significant for the development of modern special forces and heliborne operations.
Ryan Hoover Self-Defence Seminar (CANCELLED)
EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. American self-defence instructor Ryan Hoover is coming to Finland in September to train self-defence for security personnel and civilians. We managed to get him to visit our store and give out a free one-hour lesson on basic self-defence
H2H Training Day by Antti Nurmi & Petteri Kantola
H2H Training Day by Antti Nurmi & Petteri Kantola
Varusteleka Road Show: Kouvola SEP 12th - 14th 2019
We'll take any excuse to visit Kouvola to escape the all-too vibrant colours of everywhere else (Except former DDR and Poland). In the midst of concrete and various shades of grey you'll find us at Kouvola's security event near the city hall!
Varusteleka Road Show: Tammisaari SEP 19th - 21st 2019
The Tammisaari Fair will have a remote Varusteleka shop as well, because our pop-up container is brought in in the midst of the night.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kuopio SEP 26th - 28th 2019
For once, the people of Savonia will carry their responsibility, as our container shop is brought smack in the middle of Kuopio Square from Thursday to Saturday in late September.
Varusteleka Road Show: Pori OCT 3rd - 5th 2019
We weren't on time to dance to jazz tunes but in October the container shop will open up in Pori!
Varusteleka Road Show: Lahti OCT 10th - 12th 2019
Can't get enough of "The Bay City", Lahti. We're coming again to please and piss off everyone on the market square, offering good stuff for sale and peer support for those in need.
Lowa & Särmä TST boots demo 18.-19.10.2019
Witness the newcomer to the field of modern combat footwear: Based on the acclaimed Z-8N (pronounced "Zatan", probably) with modifications requested by us to make it the Lowa Z-8N GTX Särmä TST M19 Combat Boot.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tampere OCT 24th - 26th 2019
The most proletarian and laid-back city of Finland gets a visit from us again, as our container crashes the gates and drops into Tammelantori square in the end of October.
Finnish fathers day kahvi and pulla 9.11.2019
In honor of Finnish Father's day... Free kahvi and pulla (look it up) from our bar Sotima on Saturday 9.11.2019 at 12-19! Please take note that on Sundays the store is closed.
Varusteleka & Sotima Pre-Christmas party 13.12.2019
A piercing, almost music like noise dashes through the store. Behind the counter the bartender gazes upon its prey with one hand tapping the table and the other hand ready to pour a cold one for anyone willing to come close enough... yes indeed, it's the official pre-Christmas party of Varusteleka & Sotima!
Sotima theme week 20.-24.1.2020: Darkness, Stout and Metal
Ladies and gentlemen, Varusteleka presents: THE WEEK OF DARKNESS - STOUT AND METAL MUSIC
Valentine's Day 14th Feb 2020
Come to Sotima on Valentine's Day and bring your friends as well! Free chocolate, coffee and sweet buns available! At 6 p.m. we will start our SINGLE'S NIGHT*!
GoExpo and OutdoorExpo 28.2.-1.3.2020
It's Go time! GoExpo is on 28.2.-1.3. in the Helsinki Messukeskus and we will be there with our container shop! Come check out our special offers, newest products and seasonal gear at stand 6k30!
ESA CQB Course 14th - 17th of May 2020 (CANCELLED)
ESA Finland and Varusteleka present a four-day CQB course in Poland at the ESA facility. The course is directed at Finnish reservists.
Varusteleka's Remote Military March 25.-26.4.2020
Due to this current plague, all ruck marches, and field exercises have been canceled, at least here in Finland. So we decided to launch our very own Varusteleka's Remote Military March (VRMM). See the event on Facebook. Plain and simple, each individual warrior executes their march according to our guidelines and shares the fun on social media. This way we can keep our rucking condition in top shape and bring some good vibes to these grim times.
Lekafest 15th Aug 2020 (CANCELLED)
Save the date for Lekafest on August 15th 2020! There will be beer, thrills, special offers, live music, competitions, tastings, food trucks, beer, armoured vehicles... the usual.
Continuation Sotima JUL 3rd 2020
With the pandemic being in a bit in a downhill, it's time for Bar & Cafe Sotima to open its doors again.
Varusteleka Road Show: Joensuu Aug. 27-29, 2020
The world famous Varusteleka Road Show will start in Joensuu in 2020.
Varusteleka War Flea Market Vol. 8
The Good Ol’ War Flea Market and Crap Bazar are here again! Finally, you can dig out all your military and outdoor clothing and gear and come to sell them here and buy more from other like-minded folks.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kuopio Sep. 3-5, 2020
Hello Kuopio! Our world famous Road Show will come to town at the beginning of September.
Varusteleka Road Show: Pori Sep. 10-12, 2020
Varusteleka's Road Show 2020 will land in Pori in September.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kouvola Sep. 17-19, 2020
Varusteleka's Roadshow 2020 continues and this time our battle-hardened container shop will land in Kouvola.
Varusteleka Road Show: Lahti Sep. 24-26, 2020
Varusteleka's Road Show 2020 lands now in Lahti.
Varusteleka Road Show: Turku Oct. 10-11, 2020
Finland's strongest container shop will come to the Nordic Fitness Expo where men and women will also compete for the Finland's strongest titles. In honor of the competition, we're also hosting our little "Strongest of Leka" competition at the container!
Varusteleka Road Show: Vaasa Oct. 15-17, 2020 (CANCELLED)
(Updated 12th Oct 2020) Event has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 related restrictions in the area.
Varusteleka Road Show: Mikkeli Oct. 22-24, 2020
Varusteleka Road Show 2020 comes now to Mikkeli.
Varusteleka Road Show: Lappeenranta Oct. 29-31, 2020
Varusteleka Road Show 2020 along with our container shop crew lands now in Lappeenranta.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tampere Nov 5-7, 2020
Varusteleka Road Show 2020 along with our container shop crew lands now in Tampere.
Varusteleka's Remote Military March VRMM 23.-25.4.2021
Varusteleka's Remote Military March (VRMM) is again around the corner! See the event on Facebook. The form used to apply for VRMM patch has been closed.
Varusteleka's 18th Birthday Week
Varusteleka turns 18 this week and we're celebrating this milestone with some "blast from the past" content. At our walk-in-store, we'll be serving free cake and coffee.
Varusteleka Road Show: Pori Sep 16-18, 2021
We have to taste the fried lampreys made at Mäkisen Nahkaispaistamo again at the market square somehow, so we just have to come back to Pori with our Road Show..
Varusteleka Road Show: Joensuu Sep 23-25, 2021
Our Road Show and our crew will go to North Karelia but unlike a popular Finnish song says, our Tactical Jeans won't switch to BW sweat pants, and we at least won't admit that we will drink beer until the sunrise.
Varusteleka Road Show: Vaasa Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2021
Because we had such a fun time, our Road Show will come to Vaasa this year, too.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kuopio Oct 14-16, 2021
Our Road Show will come to the Land of Fish Cocks again. We just can't stay away from the shores of Lake Kallavesi. We will set up our container shop at the Kuopio market square and it will be open for business as follows:
The Weeks of Boots - Jalas, OCT 11th - 17th
Jalas was founded in the village of Jokipii in 1916 as a leather tannery. They soon started manufacturing boots, shoes, and other leather items to order. As time went by, customer demands brought Jalas to manufacture winter, skiing, and sports footwear. Later, the focus shifted to functional safety and work footwear and many Finnish conscripts would wear Jalas boots during their service in the Finnish Defence Forces. The laboratory, product development team, and main production facilities of Jalas are still located in Jokipii, where the company was born.
Meet and greet: Bloke on the Range and Polenar Tactical Oct 20th 2021
Oh boy! Restrictions are being lifted and bars have been open normally or almost normally for some time now. We are glad to offer good company to go with your beer: on Wednesday OCT 20th in Sotima, you'll find a British gentleman from Switzerland aka. Bloke on The Range, and the good folks of Polenar Tactical from Slovenia. The event starts at five and is open until the bar closes at eight.
Varusteleka Road Show: Lappeenranta Oct 21-23, 2021
Our Road Show will once again come to Lappeenranta.
The Weeks of Boots - Salomon, OCT 18th - 24th
Known for sports & offroad shoes, Salomon has ventured to military territory too. As one could imagine, the footwear they make is a mix of military requirements and sport shoe features.
Finnish Brutality October 23-24, 2021
Finnish Brutality is a 2-gun action match that Varusteleka has been organizing together with InRange TV since 2018. The Brutality matches test the contestants’ physical fitness and marksmanship in the form of various stages. Finnish Brutality’s sibling event Desert Brutality was held in the US for the third time in February 2020.
Meet and greet: Forgotten Weapons and InRange TV Oct 25th 2021
Hey gang! Restrictions are being lifted and bars have been open normally or almost normally for some time now. We are glad to offer good company to go with your beer: meet and greet Ian from Forgotten Weapons and Karl from InRange TV in Sotima on Monday OCT 25th. The event starts at five and is open until the bar closes at eight.
Varusteleka Road Show: Mikkeli Oct 28-30, 2021
Since our last trip to Mikkeli went so well, we decided to come back.
The Weeks of Boots - Alpina, OCT 25th - 31st
Alpina is a Slovenian brand with a wide range of footwear including categories important to us: hunting, tactical, and hiking. They operate manufacturing facilities in Europe and provide high-quality materials and workmanship at a rather competitive price. We have collaborated with them to create boots sold as "Särmä TST Alpina" - available only at Varusteleka.
Sotima Halloween Party Nov 5th 2021
We've learned some dark secrets about the costume parties behind the big pond. We got exited and decided to throw a party of our own. Save the date 5.11. and start building your costume.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tampere Nov 4-6, 2021
The last event for our Road Show 2021 will once again take us to Tampere.
The Weeks of Boots - Haix, NOV 1st - 7th
"Heroes wear Haix!" is a slogan we've come to know during the two-digit amount of years we've had these boots in our selection. The German Haix has a focus on work, safety, and LE/Military footwear and it's not uncommon at all to see an everyday hero walking in these boots. In addition to superb quality, many recognize Haix as the brand with less width in their last (excluding special models) so if you struggle with footwear that quite doesn't hug your feet right, consider these.
The Weeks of Boots - Aku and Lowa, NOV 8th - 14th
For the final of the Weeks of Boots, we highlight two solid brands from Italy and Germany. During this week, you'll find Aku (FRI 12th, 14-20) and Lowa (SAT 13th 10-16) product representatives in our shop and if you like Finnish "pullakahvit", it's on the house in Sotima during that day.

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