We are raising our prices

Published 15.03.2022
The bandage is way overdue and it’s time to rip it off at once: We will be raising the prices of our house brands by 5-15%, depending on the product. Some won’t get this treatment but most will. Brands under the price hammer are Särmä, Särmä TST, Terävä and Jämä.

“You greedy bastards!”

We wish, but no. The pandemic, and the current situation in Ukraine, have made the markets shake more than anyone would hope for. Raw materials, packing materials, and shipping & freight costs have sky-rocketed by insane amounts over the past few years. On top of that, transferring production of the remaining products we still manufacture in China to Europe ain’t cheap - labor costs by default a lot more.


The glue in the bandage is sticky. To minimize the shock we will be flipping the switch on Monday the 4th of April. You have almost three weeks to hoard products from our house brands before the prices go up. If you’ve got items added to your wishlist, get them. The prices will not get any lower any time soon - if ever.