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Do we ship internationally?

Yes. Click here to view the page dedicated for information about international orders.

Placing an order

Use the web shop, please. If technology fails, you can also mail us Phone is the last option, we can do it, but it's not preferred, as it's very hard to get down addresses etc. correctly.

For an order, we need you first name, last name, address, postal code, city and country. For foreign orders we need at least an e-mail address and if at all possible, your phone number. For domestic orders they are not compulsory. We'd really prefer to have them, though, as they help a lot if any problems arise.

If you give us your e-mail address, our system will automatically send you a message when the package is sent from us. You'll get a tracking code with the message, except when the delivery method has no tracking. If you don't give an e-mail address or phone number and there is a problem with your order (missing/faulty address details, a product out of stock), we may not be able to process your order or your order will be sent incomplete.

Finnish laws are very strict on privacy. What's more, we're the good guys, so we really respect privacy. Your information will never be abused or leaked to third parties. We won't use it for marketing, only to get your order to a succesful conclusion.

We accept both domestic and international orders. Domestic orders are shipped for free, foreign orders have fixed shipping fees for each country, you will be quoted after making an order.

Prices and taxes

All our prices include Finnish VAT, which is 24%. VAT will be deducted for orders sent outside european union, ie. you get about 19% "discount". Customers outside EU will, of course, be responsible for taxes and customs imposed by their own country.

Inter EU and domestic orders include VAT, ie. you pay what you see on the pages. European companies with an EU VAT number can get their orders VAT free, but will then be responsible for the VAT in their own countries. If you run a company, you should know what this means...

The following EU countries and areas are excluded for EU VAT policy and will be treated as outside EU:

  • Cyprus - Areas of Cyprus not under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Germany - The Island of Heligoland and the territory of Büesingen
  • Greece - Mount Athos
  • Spain - The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla
  • France - The Overseas Departments (DOM)
  • Italy - Livigno, Campione d'Italia and The Italian waters of Lake Lugano
  • Finland - The Åland Islands
  • United Kingdom - The Channel Islands and Gibraltar

Summed up:

  • If you live in EU, you pay what you see and customs will not be a problem
  • If you are outside EU, you get about 19 % off the prices but will pay for whatever taxes and import costs are applicable in your country.


Domestic orders

Domestic orders can be paid in advance with Maksuturva online payment (using Finnish bank systems or credit cards), Svea invoice or by cash on delivery. Cash on delivery means you can pay the order as you pick it up from the post office. Advance payment costs nothing, cash on delivery costs 3,90 €.

Svea invoice

Using Svea invoice to pay for your transactions is safe and easy. You don't need to use your payment card details and you will get your goods before you pay for them. The invoice will be sent to you separately via letter.

  • You get your goods before you pay for them
  • 14 days payment time
  • With Svea invoice orders it is not possible to add products to your order
  • You don't need to use your payment card details
  • Normal 14-day return policy with domestic orders
  • When using pick-up from store as delivery method, the person picking up the order must be the same person who made the order. Be prepared to prove your identity with a driving licence, passport or ID with photo.

Billing payment 3,50 € per order. If payment is delayed, a reminder fee of 5,00 € and 7,00 % interest + reference rate for late payment will be added to bill. Svea will check the customer's creditworthiness, which in some cases involves credit check. The order will only be delivered to your official home address found from population register.


Like almost every website in the internet, Varusteleka's site uses cookies. There's nothing new about this, cookies have been around for about as long as WWW, and they have been used for this purpose all the time. The fuss about having to explain these basic things to people is new, but doesn't mean anything has been changed in the way you should use internet. Cookies are used to collect information from your use of the web. We collect information about everything we can, and be assured, your web browser gives us a lot of it - for example, where from you came to our site, what pages you browsed on our site and when, what internet browser you are using, what is the resolution of your screen and what is your operating system, and also the IP-address of your computer. Things like username/password combos, what you write, who's your Facebook friend and so on are not recorded, not in this way anyway.

Like every other webshop, we follow you so thoroughly that we could replay all your actions on our site. Your movements in our webshop are analyzed and we use this information to make our web pages easier to use and to generate more sales. We for an example change the layout of the links on our front page and see where people click themselves to, and then rearrange them so that people will find products they want to buy. Step 3: Profit.

If you're paranoid, you can disable cookies. We haven't tested our website without cookies and never will, because everybody uses them. You might not be able to order properly without cookies. Disabling cookies does not make you a privacy-aware internet wizard, if anybody wanted to harm or rob you, going cookie-less is like pulling it out before you come to prevent insemination. Gives you a false feeling of having it in control.


We use Posti, the Finnish postal company and Matkahuolto, a domestic alternative.

Almost 90% of shipments are packed day or two after the purchase has been made. If, however, we have a lot of orders in the line, we'll usually notify about it on the front page.

Domestic shipping: Parcels 4,00 € and letters 2,00 €.

We will add delivery surcharge of 3,50 € to products containing explosive substances. Some explosives' delivery methods are also limited to pick-up from store only and in these cases there is no surcharge to delivery. This information is also available on the products that are affected by these terms.


You can have your order packed in reusable Repack-package. Your E-mail is required information to complete the order. The e-mail is needed to send the discount code for our web shop to your e-mail. To do this, your e-mail is given to our partner, Repack. You might receive a survey about Repack-packaging. Your contact information won’t be used for marketing purposes. See more info on Repack page.


We also deliver dometic orders via SmartPOST. Please note the following when ordering with SmartPOST delivery method:

  • When you choose to pay with cash-oh-delivery payment method: SmartPOST-units accept only chip cards. Cash doesn't cut it!
  • Size limitations: Maximum size 60cm x 36cm x 60cm, maximum weight 35 kg
  • If your order won't fit inside one package, we will send your order using in multiple packages. In case the item won't fit inside SmartPOST-compatible packaging, we will contact you.

Returns policy

We've made a separate page for our returns policy. In short, domestic orders can be returned and refunded in full withing 14 days of receiving the goods. International returns are not accepted, unless the customer pays for the shipping, back and forth.

Adding stuff to your order

If you place an additional order shortly after your first order, we're usually able to combine the two orders and ship them as one. If we are unable to combine orders, even then Posti will most likely deliver the two parcels simultaneously. Even if this doesn't happen, you will receive the orders individually, but without extra shipment costs, so you still come out on top. This applies to domestic orders only. Please contact customer support if you wish to add products to your international order.

  1. Add stuff to your cart and go to shopping cart.
  2. Input the free delivery campaign code from your first order to get free shipping.
  3. Fill in the contact information and delivery method exactly as in your first order.
  4. If you wrote something in the Note-field, do the same again to your second order, otherwise leave it empty.
  5. Confirm order.


Once you make an order and give us your e-mail address, you get a couple of automatic e-mail messages. The first one, order confirmation, is sent immediately. For orders that require payment quotation you get a separate e-mail including payment information. Once the package is sent the system sends you an e-mail about this. Included is a tracking code if applicable to the shipping method.

We have a very advanced system that tries to keep the web pages 100% up to date about item availability. As nothing is perfect, sometimes it fails, ie. you might order something that really isn't available. If this happens, we will try to contact you. If you haven't supplied phone or e-mail information and we don't have something you ordered, we'll either send your order without the item or not at all. So please include a working e-mail address and do check it after making an order! Once again: we do not use your personal info for any marketing purposes or other dubious crap.

Contact us

Contact us by e-mail or phone. When sending us e-mail clearly indicate what the message is about. If it's about an order, provide all the details, like the order number and the name of the person who originally placed the order. When answering to our e-mails, please quote all the previous messages. We receive hundreds of e-mails a day, so when we get a message from that says "Okay" it's very hard to find out what's it all about.

Check your e-mail system that you have sufficient space for new messages. We are fast and reliable, technology isn't. If you don't hear from us in a few days, our response has been lost in a spam filter or some other technical problem has occurred.

Our contact information: