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Published 29.04.2022
At the War Flea Market, there is an AutaUkrainaa collection point between 10am and 6pm, for gear donations in support of the Ukrainian fight.

The following and only the following items will be gratefully accepted:

- Blanket
- Field stove
- Camping stove and fuel
- Sleeping bag
- Sleeping mattress
- Tent

- Betadine
- Hemostatic agents
- Cannula
- First aid kits
- Gel bandages
- Head restraint
- Band-aids
- Prontosan
- Stoma pouch
- Stretcher
- EMS blanket
- Thermometer
- Tourniquet
- Wound dressing
- Antidiarrheal
- Iron supplements
- Other medical supplies

- Ballistic glasses
- Large backpacks
- Plate carriers and plates
- Camo jacket (not M05 patterns)
- Camo pants (not M05 patterns)
- Gas mask
- Ballistic helmet
- Tactical gloves
- Light combat/hiking shoes, sizes 41-44
- Rain jacket or -poncho
- Technical shirt
- Base layer
- Woolen socks
- Other protective gear

- Thermal imaging camera drone
- Laptop
- Mobile phone and charger
- Night vision device
- Power bank
- Tablet computer
- Thermal imaging camera
- Video wildlife camera
- Walkie-talkie and charger

Food or clothes will not be collected this time, only gear that can be used in the fight.

The donated items may be used and worn but kindly bring only clean and functional stuff. The second rule of thumb is, that if you wish to bring first aid gear, it is more effective to bring e.g. 20 packages of band-aids than 2 band-aids, 3 thermometers and 1 disinfectant. Bigger batches are easier to sort and deal with throughout the journey.

How to help if you are not coming to War Flea Market

If for some odd reason you are not coming to the War Flea Market, but as a private person wish to help in the efforts, you can do it through the platform. On the site you can see what stuff is needed right now and mail the supplies you want to contribute for free through the cooperating carriers. The goods will be received and delivered forward by the association. In addition to the fighting gear, you can donate medical equipment, hygiene supplies or even gear for pets.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland will deliver the collected items where they are most needed through their own reliable channels. The most acute supplies collected will leave for Ukraine already on the following day.