Other events

Desert Brutality 2019
Wait, didn't we just participate Desert Brutality 2018? Oh man, time flies!
Polenar Tactical Rifle Course at Loppi range 6th of April 2019
The whole Polenar Tactical team is coming to Finland! If you don't know who these guys are, you should check out these links below. Proper good shit!
Polenar Tactical Rifle Course at Loppi range 7th of April 2019
The whole Polenar Tactical team is coming to Finland! If you don't know who these guys are, you should check out these links below. Proper good shit!
War Flea Market and terrace opening 2019
It's been a while, but now, War Fleamarket is coming!
Combat Tracking Course, David Scott-Donelan, 22.-23.8.2019
This class provides a strong foundation and understanding of combat tracking. Students learn fundamentals of tracking an individual, work together as a tracking team, and basic visual tracking techniques. Students who complete all courses In this series will be capable of conducting tracking team techniques to find, fix and report information and locate their quarry based on mission.
IMTT history lecture: Rhodesian bush war from the operator’s perspective 24.8.2019
Africa’s recent history from the ’60s and ‘70s was controversial and grim times, which impact on the continent is still visible today. One of the most controversial conflicts from that era is undoubtedly Rhodesian bush war, which eventually led to perishing of Rhodesia and birth of Zimbabwe. From a military history point of view, the Rhodesian conflict has been significant for the development of modern special forces and heliborne operations.
Ryan Hoover Self-Defence Seminar (CANCELLED)
EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. American self-defence instructor Ryan Hoover is coming to Finland in September to train self-defence for security personnel and civilians. We managed to get him to visit our store and give out a free one-hour lesson on basic self-defence
H2H Training Day by Antti Nurmi & Petteri Kantola
H2H Training Day by Antti Nurmi & Petteri Kantola
ESA CQB Course 14th - 17th of May 2020 (CANCELLED)
ESA Finland and Varusteleka present a four-day CQB course in Poland at the ESA facility. The course is directed at Finnish reservists.
Varusteleka's Remote Military March 25.-26.4.2020
Due to this current plague, all ruck marches, and field exercises have been canceled, at least here in Finland. So we decided to launch our very own Varusteleka's Remote Military March (VRMM). See the event on Facebook. Plain and simple, each individual warrior executes their march according to our guidelines and shares the fun on social media. This way we can keep our rucking condition in top shape and bring some good vibes to these grim times.
Lekafest 15th Aug 2020 (CANCELLED)
Save the date for Lekafest on August 15th 2020! There will be beer, thrills, special offers, live music, competitions, tastings, food trucks, beer, armoured vehicles... the usual.
Varusteleka War Flea Market Vol. 8
The Good Ol’ War Flea Market and Crap Bazar are here again! Finally, you can dig out all your military and outdoor clothing and gear and come to sell them here and buy more from other like-minded folks.
Varusteleka's Remote Military March VRMM 23.-25.4.2021
Varusteleka's Remote Military March (VRMM) is again around the corner! See the event on Facebook. The form used to apply for VRMM patch has been closed.
Varusteleka's 18th Birthday Week
Varusteleka turns 18 this week and we're celebrating this milestone with some "blast from the past" content. At our walk-in-store, we'll be serving free cake and coffee.
Finnish Brutality October 23-24, 2021
Finnish Brutality is a 2-gun action match that Varusteleka has been organizing together with InRange TV since 2018. The Brutality matches test the contestants’ physical fitness and marksmanship in the form of various stages. Finnish Brutality’s sibling event Desert Brutality was held in the US for the third time in February 2020.

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