Monte Gould's Designated Marksman Rifle Seminar, MAY 12, 2023


A designated marksman rifle (DMR) is a modern precision rifle fitted with a high-quality scoped optic. They are used by infantry personnel in the designated marksman role. DMRs fill the engagement range gap between a service rifle and a dedicated sniper rifle, at around 300–600 meters (330–660 yards).

DMRs, unlike bolt-action sniper rifles, are semi-automatic and have higher rates of fire and typically larger magazine capacities to allow rapid engagement of multiple hostiles in a combat situation.

What and how

Monte Gould from IMTT will do a presentation on the following: Current trends worldwide in DMR, defining the modern DMR rifle, equipment, how to set up your DMR, the mission & role of the DMR and DDMR, the fast growing and expanding discipline of the DMR in civilian security, military, executive protection and other private military contract organizations.

The presentation will be in English, and is suitable for anyone interested in the world of DMRs.

Where, when, and how much

The seminar is at Varusteleka on May 12, 2023, 18.00-20.00 / 6pm-8pm. Address: Hankasuontie 11 A, 00390 Helsinki.

Arrive at Varusteleka’s Bar Sotima no later than 18.00 / 6pm, and you will be escorted upstairs to see the presentation. You can of course come earlier for some shopping and drinks. After the presentation (at about 19.30 / 7.30pm) there will be a free and open discussion at Bar Sotima.

The seminar costs 20 € per person paid to Monte. More info and advance registration to the seminar by email to [email protected] – limited number of tickets available.


No photos and no audio and/or video recording during the presentation. No photos of slides and/or teaching aids are allowed. Pictures of attendees' faces without their permission are also not allowed during the event.

Monte Gould

Monte is a former (honorably retired) State of California Peace officer (27 ½ years of service) and SWAT (HRT) member (22 ½ years), former US Marine, and US Army Special Operations Forces (24 years of service) active and reserve SNCO. He has participated in multiple combat and counter-narcotic missions both foreign and domestic as well as combat operations with US, Dutch and French Special Forces – further working as a contractor in high-risk protection teams with heads of state and clients throughout the world.

International Mobile Training Team

IMTT conducts professional training for all types of clients and confidential customers worldwide. All personnel are vetted and credentialed professionals who possess combat & real-world experience. IMTT constantly evolves as an organization never forgetting our lineage. IMTT instructors have "Special Operations" and/or Law Enforcement / SWAT backgrounds.

For more information on IMTT, go to the IMTT website.