Varusteleka's Easter Egg Hunt, MAR 28 – APR 1, 2024

Our annual Easter egg hunt is here! This year our talented artist painted the egg in MultiCam. And we all know what happens to an egg in MultiCam - it becomes virtually invisible. So, we need help to find the Easter egg!

If you are an eagle-eyed browser and a lucky egg hunter, and find the egg, you will be rewarded with a 10% discount code. The hunt begins on Thursday, March 28 at 10 AM and ends on Monday, April 1, 2024, at midnight (Eastern European Summer Time). The code is valid throughout the egg hunt and applies to full-priced items (excluding event tickets, gift cards, and alcohol products).

Here's what to do


Spot the egg in our online store, click on it, and save the discount code. Add items to your cart and enter the code in the designated field during checkout.


Find the laminated egg matching the picture, grab it, and present it at the checkout when purchasing.

Good luck on the hunt!

Scho-Ka-Kola, 100 g Tin Box, Original Scho-Ka-Kola, 100 g Tin Box, Milk Chocolate
Scho-Ka-Kola, 100 g Tin Box
Scho-Ka-Kola, 100 g Tin Box
3.99 USD
This is the famous German energy chocolate you're looking for! This brown gold in the easily recognizable round tin box has kept ze Germans awake and efficient since the 1930s. Scho-Ka-Kola is chocolate with lots of caffeine, essentially a mild combat drug! (Contrary to rumors, the recipe never included other psychoactive stimulants apart from caffeine.)
Särmä Tactical Jeans, Dark Blue Särmä Tactical Jeans, Black
Särmä Tactical Jeans
Särmä Tactical Jeans
99.99 USD
Tactical Jeans - when you don't want to use cargo pants or camo stuff for covert work, but find ordinary jeans cumbersome and lacking in features. Mobile and stretchy, these would probably be good enough for Chuck Norris (if he didn't already have his own karate jeans).
Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool, Green Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool, Black Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool, Khaki Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool, Off-white Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool, Orange
Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool
Särmä TST L1 Balaclava, Merino Wool
24.99 USD
A functional multi-purpose piece of headgear, can be worn as a balaclava or folded up to form a cap or folded down to form a tube scarf. Lightweight merino wool construction, highly breathable, comfortable and moisture-wicking.
Särmä Merino Wool hoodie, black Särmä Merino Wool Hoodie, Navy Blue Särmä Merino Wool Hoodie, Dark Gray Särmä Merino Wool hoodie, green Särmä Merino Wool Hoodie, Petrol
Särmä Merino Wool Hoodie
Särmä Merino Wool Hoodie
149.99 USD
Finally, a proper hoodie! In this case, the price doesn't come from a big name, but rather from the material – thickish Merino wool, which is probably the best fabric ever. The cut is also designed properly to a tee.