Varusteleka's Midsummer Bingo

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Bingo is over for 2024 and the winners have been contacted. Congrats to those who won and thanks to all participants!

On Midsummer most Finns head to their lakeshore summer houses. While Finns enjoy spending time with their family and friends on this national holiday, there is a gloomier side to the story as well: This is often the weekend that the largest number of drownings are recorded in Finland.

Drowning is a serious matter!

Guessing how many people drown during Midsummer is a traditional pastime at Finnish workplaces. And yes, that's how we are in this happiest country in the world. Our bingo is here to gently remind us all that we can greatly reduce the risk of drowning with our actions.

Just a few tips: Keep your head in the game, limit your liquor consumption to the minimum, take a friend with you when you go swimming, and wear a life vest while on a boat. Don't be a statistic! In Midsummer 2023 only 2 drownings were reported, which was pretty well done. Wonder what the numbers would have been if it wasn't for our Midsummer Bingo!

Weather forecast for Midsummer 2024

Some kind of weather with a chance of snow, heavy rains, or even serious summer heat. The only way to know for sure is to spend the midsummer outdoors and then you'll know. So be prepared for anything and everything!

Bingo Prizes

To motivate us all not to drown, our main prize, a Varusteleka gift card, is more valuable the fewer people drown. The main prize is raffled off between the participants who get the number of drownings right. Starting from 1000 € if no one drowns, and decreasing as follows:

Number of drowned people:Prize
0 persons 1000 € gift card
1 person 750 € gift card
2 persons 500 € gift card
3 persons 350 € gift card
4 persons 150 € gift card
5 persons 100 € gift card
More than 5 persons 50 € gift card

Two men, one wearing the tactical denim jacket and the other one MultiCam shorts. We have great additional prizes as well. We are raffling off two Tactical Denim Jackets and two pairs of Field Shorts either Särmä or Särmä TST. The winner will get to choose the size and color as well as the model for the shorts.

2024 Bingo results

The bingo for 2024 is now over and the winners are:

Main prize 100 € gift card: Jaakko S.
Denim jacket: Joshua G. and Maverick W.
Field shorts: Jani T. and Jenna S.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who took part!

Participate in the bingo by guessing the number of people who drown during the Midsummer weekend in Finland and entering the information in the form below.

Amount of drowned people:



  • Fill in the form with your name and contact information, and guess the number of people drowning in Finland during Midsummer this year.
  • A temporary register will be created and the information used for announcing the results and contacting the winners. The register will be purged after the raffle.
  • The participation form will close at 4 p.m. (UTC +3), on June 20, 2024. You may participate only once!
  • We will check the number of drowned people from the most reliable Finnish yellow press newspaper, Iltalehti, on the following Tuesday, June 25.
  • The main prize (gift card) will be raffled off among those who guessed the number of drownings right. If there are no right answers, the winner will be randomly picked from all the participants and rewarded with a € 100 gift card. The additional prizes will be raffled among all the participants. The winners will be contacted through e-mail after the raffle.
  • The first name and the first letter of the last name of the winners may be published on Varuseleka's website, social media, and newsletter.
  • You are allowed to save people from drowning in Finland, but it's strictly forbidden to try to influence the number by drowning yourself or other people. If the winner has drowned in Finland or is suspected of drowning someone in Finland, we'll select another winner. Drowning yourself or others in another country does not affect the outcome.