Combat Tracking Course, David Scott-Donelan, 22.-23.8.2019

This class provides a strong foundation and understanding of combat tracking. Students learn fundamentals of tracking an individual, work together as a tracking team, and basic visual tracking techniques. Students who complete all courses In this series will be capable of conducting tracking team techniques to find, fix and report information and locate their quarry based on mission.

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David Scott-Donelan served during the Rhodesian conflict in Rhodesian Light Infantry, Rhodesian SAS and in Selous Scouts. After the war, Mr Donelan finally ended up in the United States, where he continued his career by teaching and training combat tracking for various US special forces and government agencies. Scott Donelan Tracking School

Course fee: 325,00 €

A more accurate schedule will be delivered to the participants.

Course location

The course will be held in Loviisa area in Finland.

During the first day (22.8.) the participants have the possibility to enjoy food & drink in the nearby café.

The second day (23.8.) will be spent outside knee-deep in tracking business, with a possible lunch break.

There's a number of cafés and diners in 10 km radius of the area. You can spend the night in Porvoo or Loviisa, about 20 km radius of the area.

Some of the subjects taught

  • Identifying and interpreting tracks
  • Following the tracks
  • Determining the age of the track
  • Reacquiring a track that is lost

IMTT will Provide

  • Course material
  • All training sites
  • Certificate of training

Each student will bring

  • Compass
  • Hydration pack or a canteen
  • Suitable Clothing
  • Pen, Pencil & Paper

IMTT will be responsible for everything concerning the course. If you have questions, send e-mail to: [email protected]

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