H2H Training Day by Antti Nurmi & Petteri Kantola

H2H Training Day by Antti Nurmi & Petteri Kantola


- Saturday 7.9.2019 from 10 AM till 4 PM.
- 2h Close Combat / Knife training
- 2h "bootcamp / Physical training"
- After party at Sotima

Tickets and location

- Tickets: 59,99€
Where: Varusteleka's parking lot / Jätemäki and nearby woods

Course description

Military Bootcamp by Spartan. Close combat training and Bootcamp exercise.

Close combat part will start with getting some skills in barehanded fighting and will move onto knife-fighting skills. Effective and practical military close combat fighting.

  • Fighting with bare hands
  • How to use a knife in close combat
  • Tactics and mentality

Bootcamp is the part filled with sweat and roaring. Acting as an individual in a team will be the leading theme. The training will scale for all fitness levels, so there's no excuse to skip this torme... experience.

  • Evacuation techniques alone and in a group
  • Military themed challenges and group tasks
  • Handling stress while physically strained


Suitable for all people. Does not require previous experience or skills. However, the more you have experience, the more you will get out of this training day.


Clothing suitable for outdoor exercising and weather. Preferably something military styled. A bottle with water.


Antti Nurmi. An expert in martial arts and practical exercising with a 25-year experience. Antti has trained thousands of warriors both in Finland and abroad, including army special forces, law enforcers and fitness professionals.

Petteri Kantola. Major, FDF. Over 25-years of experience in martial arts and Finnish Defence Force. Main close combat Instructor of Defendo Green.