Gift ideas for a mother? That’s what you should be thinking about – it's soon the second Sunday of May, which means Mother's Day in many parts of the world. Mothers are usually quite wonderful, so it is worth showing it to them all year round – but then there's this special day when you can go bonkers with it.

How to handle a mother

"Holy mackerel, Mother’s Day is coming up again!" you realise while blankly staring at your daily planner. No worries! We have gathered a few things that have usually been quite nicely received as presents. Of course, if your mom is more into camo, guns, and knives, we do have suitable options then, too. Some people might even have the fortunate situation of having to bribe both your own mother and your spouse as well, if your spouse happens to be a mother, too. That’s the way it is, it’s no good to try to fight this fact of life. Just get the flowers from the flower shop, and the chocolate and Swiss mess tins from us, without any unnecessary whining.

Best Mother’s Day gift?

If you love the mother of your children and your own mom (like you should), you traditionally pick an expensive present. In most cases, this can be a very wise strategy. However, a great present is also doing fun things together. Go camping, hiking, or take her to Finland, and come and have a cup of coffee at our Bar Sotima.

If the recipient is a mother of very small children, a fine (and free) gift is a bit of peaceful and relaxing time of her own.

Expectant mothers and mothers-to-be should also be remembered. A very good gift for expectant mothers might be some Merino wool garment. Merino wool has features which are good for any weather, and as a gift, for any occasion. It truly is a versatile and wondrous material!

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