Road Show

Road Show means touring around Finland with our shipping container full of stuff and staff. We had a little test run back in the end of 2016 with a lease container, and that test was so successful that we decided to buy our own container and go on tour for real.

The concept is quite simple: drop the container down, open the doors, and the shop is open for business! No need to load up a lorry, take hours unloading and building a popup shop, no struggling and sweating. Just plop the container down! We've timed it - it takes max about 15 minutes.

Varusteleka at GoExpo 15.-17. March 2019
Here we go again! The roadshow adventure begins anew and kicks off at GoExpo, Helsinki.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kouvola SEP 12th - 14th 2019
We'll take any excuse to visit Kouvola to escape the all-too vibrant colours of everywhere else (Except former DDR and Poland). In the midst of concrete and various shades of grey you'll find us at Kouvola's security event near the city hall!
Varusteleka Road Show: Tammisaari SEP 19th - 21st 2019
The Tammisaari Fair will have a remote Varusteleka shop as well, because our pop-up container is brought in in the midst of the night.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kuopio SEP 26th - 28th 2019
For once, the people of Savonia will carry their responsibility, as our container shop is brought smack in the middle of Kuopio Square from Thursday to Saturday in late September.
Varusteleka Road Show: Pori OCT 3rd - 5th 2019
We weren't on time to dance to jazz tunes but in October the container shop will open up in Pori!
Varusteleka Road Show: Lahti OCT 10th - 12th 2019
Can't get enough of "The Bay City", Lahti. We're coming again to please and piss off everyone on the market square, offering good stuff for sale and peer support for those in need.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tampere OCT 24th - 26th 2019
The most proletarian and laid-back city of Finland gets a visit from us again, as our container crashes the gates and drops into Tammelantori square in the end of October.
GoExpo and OutdoorExpo 28.2.-1.3.2020
It's Go time! GoExpo is on 28.2.-1.3. in the Helsinki Messukeskus and we will be there with our container shop! Come check out our special offers, newest products and seasonal gear at stand 6k30!
Varusteleka Road Show: Joensuu AUG 27–29, 2020
The world famous Varusteleka Road Show will start in Joensuu in 2020.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kuopio SEP 3–5, 2020
Hello Kuopio! Our world famous Road Show will come to town at the beginning of September.
Varusteleka Road Show: Pori SEP 10–12, 2020
Varusteleka's Road Show 2020 will land in Pori in September.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kouvola SEP 17–19, 2020
Varusteleka's Roadshow 2020 continues and this time our battle-hardened container shop will land in Kouvola.
Varusteleka Road Show: Lahti SEP 24–26, 2020
Varusteleka's Road Show 2020 lands now in Lahti.
Varusteleka Road Show: Turku OCT 10–11, 2020
Finland's strongest container shop will come to the Nordic Fitness Expo where men and women will also compete for the Finland's strongest titles. In honor of the competition, we're also hosting our little "Strongest of Leka" competition at the container!
Varusteleka Road Show: Vaasa OCT 15–17, 2020 (CANCELLED)
(Updated 12th Oct 2020) Event has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 related restrictions in the area.
Varusteleka Road Show: Mikkeli OCT 22–24, 2020
Varusteleka Road Show 2020 comes now to Mikkeli.
Varusteleka Road Show: Lappeenranta OCT 29–31, 2020
Varusteleka Road Show 2020 along with our container shop crew lands now in Lappeenranta.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tampere NOV 5–7, 2020
Varusteleka Road Show 2020 along with our container shop crew lands now in Tampere.
Varusteleka Road Show: Pori, SEP 16–18, 2021
We have to taste the fried lampreys made at Mäkisen Nahkaispaistamo again at the market square somehow, so we just have to come back to Pori with our Road Show..
Varusteleka Road Show: Joensuu, SEP 23–25, 2021
Our Road Show and our crew will go to North Karelia but unlike a popular Finnish song says, our Tactical Jeans won't switch to BW sweat pants, and we at least won't admit that we will drink beer until the sunrise.
Varusteleka Road Show: Vaasa, SEP 30–OCT 2, 2021
Because we had such a fun time, our Road Show will come to Vaasa this year, too.
Varusteleka Road Show: Kuopio, OCT 14–16, 2021
Our Road Show will come to the Land of Fish Cocks again. We just can't stay away from the shores of Lake Kallavesi. We will set up our container shop at the Kuopio market square and it will be open for business as follows:
Varusteleka Road Show: Lappeenranta, OCT 21–23, 2021
Our Road Show will once again come to Lappeenranta.
Varusteleka Road Show: Mikkeli, OCT 28–30, 2021
Since our last trip to Mikkeli went so well, we decided to come back.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tampere, NOV 4–6, 2021
The last event for our Road Show 2021 will once again take us to Tampere.
Varusteleka Road Show: Riihimäki International Sportsmen's Fair JUN 9–12, 2022
The Varusteleka container will be travelling to Riihimäki in June. Come, say hi and take a look at the hottest clothing and gear of the season. Event on Facebook.
Varusteleka Road Show: Tuska JUL 1–3, 2022
You can find our container shop at the Tuska festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki, on the first weekend of July. See event on Facebook.

Past events

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