Varusteleka goes Tuska, JUN 30 – JUL 2, 2023

You can find our container shop at the Tuska festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki, on the first weekend of July, listening to great music and hanging out with great people.

The container store can be found in the vicinity of the main stage and is open as follows:

  • Friday June 30 at 14–21
  • Saturday July 1 at 13–21
  • Sunday July 2 at 15–21

Come and get touchy with our hottest clothing and gear for the season. Because we can't carry our entire selection with us in one container, we also offer to ship your domestic order for free if you make it at the container store! And bad jokes are included. Check out our Summer Festivals product category.

You can also see the Varusteleka goes Tuska event page on Facebook.

Show us your best #tuskalooks and win tickets to Tuska!

The competition has closed and the winner will be notified.

The container store carries with it among others:

Särmä Viscose Boxers
Särmä Viscose Boxers
14.99 USD
Proper good boxer shorts for an affordable price - these are more like the Common Man version of the Merino wool model we also sell. Being made of viscose, these have sort of poor man's versions of many of the good characteristics of wool. And thus much better than cotton!
Särmä Viscose Boxers, 4-Pack
Särmä Viscose Boxers, 4-Pack
53.99 USD 59.99 USD
Face the facts: You're gonna need more than one pair of underpants! Get a 4-pack with a discount, and you won't have to have a laundry day every day.
Särmä Large Assault Pack, Green Särmä Large Assault Pack, Gray Särmä Large Assault Pack, Black
Särmä Large Assault Pack
Särmä Large Assault Pack
59.99 USD
Tired of stuffing big stuff in a small bag? Here's a 3-Day Assault Pack for daily use with more capacity than normal backpacks.
Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Raven, Round Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Brown Bear Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Fox Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Cat Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Raven Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Snake Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Bat Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Ant Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Retriever Särmä Animals Morale Patch, Owl
Särmä Animals Morale Patch
Särmä Animals Morale Patch
4.99 USD
Are you a nature fan or simply just a mystical and sexy misanthrope? Here are a bunch of domestic, wild, and imaginary animals in the form of morale patches. Put on your clothes or backpack or distribute them to your minions when they do something praiseworthy to earn a promotion in your cult.
Särmä Cap, green Särmä Cap, Orange
Särmä Cap
Särmä Cap
8.99 - 15.99 USD 19.99 USD
Tired of shabby baseball caps? Here's a proper one! Say what you will, there's always a demand for yer standard baseball cap. But this ain't no cheapo cap, it's a solid, well-made cap - after all, it carries our name.