The Weeks of Boots - Haix, NOV 1–7, 2021

"Heroes wear Haix!" is a slogan we've come to know during the two-digit amount of years we've had these boots in our selection. The German Haix has a focus on work, safety, and LE/Military footwear and it's not uncommon at all to see an everyday hero walking in these boots. In addition to superb quality, many recognize Haix as the brand with less width in their last (excluding special models) so if you struggle with footwear that quite doesn't hug your feet right, consider these.

During Varusteleka's fourth Week of Boots, the Haix Combat GTX boots are available for a 10% discount and the buyer of any pair of new (non-surplus) Haix footwear (Airpower P3, Airpower Pro R, or Haix Combat GTX) gets a 3-piece Haix shoe brush kit free of charge. The sets are limited to 200 pcs and the offer is valid until NOV 7th.

On this week's Friday (NOV 5th) from 10:00 to 20:00, you'll find two Haix product representatives in our shop and if you like Finnish "pullakahvit", it's on the house in Sotima.

Weeks of Boots, what?

Don't worry, it's just us being shamelessly commercial. We have planned campaigns until November 14th and each week has its own special offers. Didn't take the bait this week? Check out the final week below!

The Care for Your Shoes and Boots Explained
Proper shoe care is vitally necessary to prolong the service life of your boots or shoes. This article covers how to take care of footwear sold by us, and generally army and outdoor boots. Fancy dancing shoes and fashion items are not included, to keep it as simple and short as possible.
Haix shoe care for Gore-Tex, 75 ml, black
Haix shoe care for Gore-Tex, 75 ml, black
9.99 USD
Using regular shoe polish on Gore-Tex footwear might be a bad idea - some of the brands out there might block the membrane. Here's a safe bet, and made by HAIX, too.
Haix Combat GTX Black
Haix Combat GTX Black
248.99 USD
New tall combat boots with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane from Haix. Very durable, yet lightweight thanks to their clever leather-fabric construction. Designed for tough professional use in all sorts of weather conditions but also perfect for demanding outdoor use in your spare time or everyday use in case you only accept cool tactiblack army boots.
BW KS2005 / Haix DMS combat boots, surplus
BW KS2005 / Haix DMS combat boots, surplus
49.99 - 99.99 USD
German current issue infantry combat boot, Kampfstiefel 2005, or Haix DMS. Used.
Haix Airpower Pro R
Haix Airpower Pro R
229.99 USD
Although HAIX footwear tends to be good for about any weather or climate, but the Pro model is specifically designed for the Northern wastes: it has more leather, a wider last, and a specially designed sole that is better suited to low temperatures, providing increased traction. Needless to say, this is a superior model for colder climates.
Joulu-Pati, Bob the Christmas Bullet