Varusteleka's 20th Anniversary Party, AUG 26, 2023

Save the date: On Saturday, August 26 we will host our Varusteleka 20th Anniversary Party!

The celebrations will be held at our HQ in Konala, Helsinki – there will be food, drinks, surprise acts of entertainment, and military-oriented market hijinks. We will keep updating the info on this page, so stay tuned and get your party outfit ready.

  • Saturday August 26, from 10 AM until 10 PM
  • Varusteleka, Hankasuontie 11 A, Helsinki Finland
  • The first 500 party guests get a pea soup portion for free
  • Enter a Raffle to win a Complete Outfit
  • Free admission

How to get here

Our normal parking spaces are not in use during the event, so please arrive using public transport. See the HSL Journey Planner for route suggestions.

Limited edition birthday products and special offers

On the day of the party, we will release some limited edition products. See what they are!

If you can’t make it to our anniversary party, too bad – but you are not forgotten, as we will put out all sorts of special anniversary offers during the summer, so everybody can join the anniversary celebrations. Check out all the anniversary offers and learn about the history of Varusteleka while you're at it.

Schedule and map

This information is updated as we go - come back to check out the latest updates! Click here for the event map.

10:00Info desk, walk-in store and Bar Sotima opens, food vendors start selling goodies and our partners begind showcasing their activitiesVarusteleka
11:00We start accepting Leirikyrpäs until 12:00Info desk
12:00Outside drinking area and tattoo container opensDrinking area
12:15CEO Jari's speechLoading dock
12:30Event patch handoutLoading dock
12:45The owner Valtteri's speechLoading dock
13:00Meet & Greet: Forgotten Weapons, The Firearm Blog's Luke, PaigeosityParking hall
14:00Fashion showLoading dock
14:30Varusteleka's own brands Meet & GreetLoading dock
15:00Ali Leiniö: Hammock CampingParking hall
16:00Meet & Greet: Bloke on the Range, Print Shoot Repeat, Firepower United, Kit BadgerParking hall
16:30Leirikyrpä voting endsInfo desk
16:45Joining in for the motorcycle raffle endsInfo desk
17:00Motorcycle raffleLoading dock
17:15Savotta's competition participation closesLoading dock
17:30Savotta & Brown Gold raffleLoading dock
18:00Leirikyrpä contest winner announcementLoading dock
18:00Info desk closesInfo desk
18:30An event patch handout and Ask Me Anything featuring Forgotten Weapons, The Firearm Blog's Luke, Paigeosity, Bloke on the Range, Print Shoot Repeat, Firepower United and Kit BadgerLoading dock
19:15DJ starts to play music. Music will be played until 21:30.Loading dock
20:00Walk-in store closesWalk-in store
20:30Last call for sauna and hot tubsDrinking area
21:00Sauna and hot tubs are closedDrinking area
21:30Last call for drinking areaVarusteleka
22:00The events endsVarusteleka


+ Sauna and hot tub

Sauna and hot tubs are open from 12 noon until 9 PM. No charge, but bring a towel and swimsuit. A swimsuit is mandatory in the hot tub, but as the proper sauna etiquette states, we take it off before entering the sauna. A towel in the sauna is acceptable should you wish to cover yourself.

+ Fashion Show

Haute couture à la Varusteleka. The hottest items of our brands Särmä and Särmä TST will take the stage. After the show, you’ll get the chance to meet and greet the people behind these brands.

+ Hammock Camping by Ali Leiniö
An experienced outdoorsman Ali Leiniö will share his knowledge and tips for hammock camping.

+ Tattoos

What better way to commemorate this special event than getting a tattoo? Two gentlemen, Jouni and Tomi, from Impact Tattoo will be making training branch insignia tattoos for 50 euros. Tattoos won’t be made on the neck, sides, or special body parts. Varusteleka offers a FREE Varusteleka logo tattoo for 20 party guests! The tattoos are about the size of a training branch insignia, so no full-body tattoos at this time.

+ Music

A DJ will spin records from 7.30 PM until 9.30 PM.

+ Saurer 4K 4FA-G2
Saurer 4k 4FA-G2

Mil-Safarit delivers a Saurer 4K 4FA-G2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle to the event.

Competitions & Raffles

+ The Battle of Leirikyrpäs

Make your own Leirikyrpä (camp cock) and bring it to our event - the one with the most votes will win a limited birthday edition Skrama 240!

This is how it works

  1. Make a Leirikyrpä
  2. Bring your Leirikyrpä to the info desk between 10 am and 12 noon and fill out your contact info
  3. The cocks will be showcased from 12 noon until 4 PM, and the party guests can vote for their favorite
  4. The best Leirikyrpä (with the most votes) wins and will be awarded in a ceremony at 6 PM
  5. You can take your Leirikyrpä home

Don’t know what a Leirikyrpä is, how to make one, or need the equipment for making it? We got you covered: A ready set for making a leirikyrpä, complete with instructions.

+ Motorcycle Raffle

At the end of the day, one of our party guests will own a motorcycle! We are raffling off the motorcycle that has been in use as props in our walk-in store. The bike is currently not street-legal. You can participate by filling out a lottery ticket in our walk-in store.

+ Savotta Keikka: Brown Gold Contest
Savotta's Keikka duffel bag full of Schokakola chocolate

Legend tells us that you can pack anything you need in a Savotta Keikka duffel bag, for example, a shit load of cash or your partner in crime. But how far do you get if you're an addict, your drug of choice being caffeine and chocolate? How many boxes of brown cold, a.k.a Scho-ka-kola, were we able to stuff in a 50-liter Savotta Keikka bag?

Leave your guess at the Varusteleka walk-in store on Saturday, August 26. The one to guess right or the closest will win. The winner takes home the Keikka duffel bag equipped with a backpack harness, a 10-pack of red, and a 10-pack of blue Scho-ka-kola.

+ Win a Complete Outfit

Win a Complete Outfit

Now here is an opportunity that doesn’t come about often: You can win a complete outfit consisting of Särmä or Särmä TST items of your choosing. Särmä TST clothes are designed for tough professional use, whereas from our Särmä collection, you can find pieces for outdoors and everyday wear. Additionally, we will raffle off two 50€ gift cards

The outfit comprises a pair of socks, a pair of underpants, an undershirt or a t-shirt, a shirt or a sweater, a pair of pants, a jacket, a piece of headwear, a pair of gloves or mittens, a scarf, and a belt. You can choose any Särmä or Särmä TST items that are in stock.

To participate in the raffle, you need to fill in your contact information in the form below. You have until Sunday, August 27, 11:59 PM (UTC+3), to do so. You can only participate once. And while you’re at it, why don’t you subscribe to our newsletter?

The winners will be raffled among all participants after the participation period has ended and contacted via email. The winners' first name and the first letter of their last name may be published on Varusteleka’s webpage, social media, and newsletter.

Special Guests

Some well-known gun tubers will be attending the party. They will be on stage for a Q&A session. In addition, you´ll get a chance to meet & greet some of them during the day. More info on these later.

+ Forgotten Weapons

Ian McCollum aka Gun Jesus is a famous gun historian and Brutality match enthusiast. We also have a joint operation in the form of a Forgotten Weapons merch store on our website.

IG: @forgottenweapons

+ The Firearm Blog's Luke

Luke from The Firearm Blog does mostly firearms, and sometimes aviation.

IG: @ballisticaviation

+ Paigeosity

Paige is an artist and a good shooter with a great smile. Check out her work on her channels.

IG: @paigeosity

+ Bloke on the Range

British gun and shooting nerd based in Switzerland, from the YouTube channel of the same name. He did the Breacher Division in Finnish Brutality, and last year he was in Recon Division. Tough guy!

IG: @blokeontherange

+ Print Shoot Repeat

He prints, he shoots, he repeats. Check out this mystery man!

IG: @printshootrepeat

+ Firepower United

Calvin Truong is a top level shooter and firearm lover with a special fondness towards Steyr AUGs.

IG: @firepowerunited

+ Kit Badger

Ivan Loomis, former Marine and police officer, writes high quality reviews on tactical and outdoor gear at Also available on YouTube and IG.

IG: @kit_badger

Partners showcasing their activities

+ Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Jewelry -20%

Kalevala Koru handcrafts their jewelry next door to our walk-in store in Helsinki powered by the wind and the sun. Their Outlet Store, adjoining the manufacturing facilities, offers for example a large collection of their Preloved second-hand items. The outlet is open from 10 AM until 6 PM on our birthday.

You will get a 20% discount on all regularly priced Kalevala jewelry* from Kalevala Outlet, Keskuskatu store, and during our birthday weekend. To get the discount you need to buy something from Varusteleka on Saturday, August 26, and show the receipt or use the code found on Varusteleka's receipt / online purchase thank you page.

*The discount is valid from August 26 until 27. The discount doesn’t apply to fall 2023 novelty items, Pidetty Secon Hand items, or gift cards.

+ Gunpoint

Our neighbor Gunpoint is a full-service indoor shooting range. They welcome beginners as well as more seasoned shooters. Gunpoint hires guns and arranges training and experiences.

+ Etelä-Häme's SRA coalition

Active members of the Etelä-Häme's SRA coalition will show off some equipment and tell about SRA (Applied Reservist Shooting).

+ MPK Southern Finland

The National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK) is a national training organization that trains and educates citizens to be prepared for and survive dangerous situations. They will be showcasing their activities and gear.

Food and Drinks

Tärkeintähän hyvissä juhlissa on, että ruoka- sekä juomahuolto on kohdillaan.

+ Bar Sotima
Bar Sotima is open and will spread out onto the parking lot, where the thirst of all our party guests will be quenched. Sotima is open from 10 AM until 10 PM and the outside bar from 12 noon until 10 PM.
+ Soppatykki
Soppatykki will be cooking traditional vendace fried in butter and smoked tofu paella (vegan and gluten-free). The first 500 party guests get a pea soup portion for FREE! Both meaty and vegan-friendly options are available.
+ Bro's Burger
Bro’s Burger will park their food truck in our backyard. They will serve delicious charcoal grilled burgers with beef or halloumi.
+ Spiraalisipsi
Spiraalisipsi will be making their steaming hot chips. Serving suggestion: a cold one with a side of chips!
+ Sotilaskoti van
Sotkuauto. Well-known and appreciated morale booster of all Finnish conscripts: Sotku coffee and donuts.
+ Kolme kaveria
Three friends ice cream bike will be serving proper ice cream made of proper ingredients
+ Kuivalihakundi
Kuivalihakundi will be in the house, offering tasters of mouthwatering FREE jerky. If the tasting portion does not satisfy your needs, we will be happy to exchange your money for meat at our store!

While you wait

To get in the mood, browse through some photos from our past shenanigans: