Mother's Day Coffee at Sotima, MAY 14, 2023

Every mission, everywhere, and all at once! That’s what a normal day in a mother’s life can be – you have to have skills, wisdom, and endurance to keep all sorts of things going. A combat engineer has to clear and maintain the kids’ rooms as habitable for humans, and a military police has to sort out grievances between siblings.

The safe disposal of certain diapers might require CBRN intervention. The transportation corps moves personnel between home, hobbies, and wherever, and somebody gotta arrange all the food supply logistics, too. The location of lost keys, phones, socks, and other dear items has to be reconnoitered from time to time. Mothers truly are masters of multitasking!

We are honoring these brave soldiers by offering free coffee and buns at our Bar Sotima on Mother's Day. Welcome!

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