Mil-Tec steel mug, 300 ml

4.99 USD
Mil-Tec steel mug, 300 ml
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Mil-Tec thermos cup, 450 ml, olive drab

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For those not familiar with such items, this cup will keep your beverages warm, be it coffee, tea or grog. Also, by using a bit more metal, they actually managed to make the handle big enough.

A simple, "no bullshit" kind of mug. A classical choice for home, office or outdoors use.

A very basic, old fashioned mug. This baby can take some pretty rough handling and keep coming back for more. Unlike most plastic-fantastic products these days, these are fire proof. This means that you no longer have to dig out a mess tin to boil your tea water out in the woods. Just stick this on the fire and wait.

Height and diameter both 8 cm, weight 80 grams.

Made from stainless steel. Don't use this in the microwave, unless you're wearing protective clothing and really want to get rid of it.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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Rujon kaunis! Ostin muutama viikko sitten kirpparilta samanlaisen, mutta paljon kuluneemman mukin. Tämä kiiltää särmästi. Paraati-muki.

+ Kestävä.
+ Klassinen.
+ Köyhän miehen signaali-instrumentti.

+- Kiiltävä

- Kuuma neste kuumentaa koko astian, huulet palaa, jos häslää.

- Pidin kuppia ~5 minuuttia BW Esbit-kenttäkeittimen päällä, mutta en saanut vettä tarpeeksi kuumaksi kahvia varten. Tuotteessa on ilmesesti turhan paksu pohja.
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