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Mil-Tec sewing kit

Mil-Tec sewing kit

Price 2.99 USD excluding VAT

A small sewing kit with a couple of luxurious features, as well as the basic needle and thread. If you think sewing and knitting is for girls, watch "Demolition Man".

  • In stock 11 pcs. Sold 20 pcs in the last two weeks.
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A small sewing kit with a couple of luxurious features, as well as the basic needle and thread. If you think sewing and knitting is for girls, watch "Demolition Man".


  • Five needles in a very handy sealable tube.
  • A plastic thimble.
  • Two safety pins.
  • A needle threader.
  • Foldable scissors.
  • Ten different coloured threads.
  • All packs neatly inside a zippered pouch.

Frankly, the contents are not of the highest quality (see the price), but the case itself is super. If in doubt, replace the stuff with your own and you have a pretty decent kit in your hands.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.


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I would recommend for a friend

13.11.2016 (Edited 18.11.2016)
- kätevä boxi, johon saa lisää tehoa vaihtamalla langat & neulat
- sakset miellään myös
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I would recommend for a friend

Kätevä Nopeaan korjaukseen Vaikkapa kentällä. Neulan reijät ovat muuten ihan V__un pienet joten langanpujottimelle tulee käyttöä. Sormustin voisi olla isompi. Ja mukana voisi tietenkin tulla hieman nappeja. Muuten ihan ok tuote.
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I would not recommend to a friend

22.01.2018 (Edited 22.01.2018)
Täys susi koko setti. Kuten jo hinnasta voisi päätellä, laatu on kelvotonta; vetoketju hajosi toisella sulkukerralla, saksilla ei tee yhtään mitään ja sormustimestakin menee neula läpi tylppä pää edellä. Loppuja osia en kokeillut, mutta muiden kommenttien perusteella niistäkään ei ole mihinkään. Sinällään kapistuksessa on ihan hyvä ajatus, mutta toteutus romuttaa koko jutun. Ei jatkoon!
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I would recommend for a friend

Good little sewing kit that does the job nicely. I replaced the plastic thimble with a metal one almost immediately. It doesn't come with a few dressmakers pins so you'll have to get those from somewhere
else, but they should fit inside the little red needle pot quite nicely. Cut a few small patches of spare material from an old coat and you've got yourself a very nifty little repair kit.
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I would recommend for a friend

Smaller (10x6x2cm) than you think, but still just as great. The plastic thimble is stiff, but strong. The needles are thin and short, but sharp. The needle threader is about as thick as two sheets of aluminium foil and is very, very, fragile, but handled with care it works like a charm everytime. The scissor is stiff to unfold, and made from rather "meh" sheet metal, but man is it sharp. If you're looking for a neat little pack, this works. The "fragility" of some of the things doesn't matter much in my case since I won't be fighting any bears with sewing needles... hopefully. This works, and for the price it's certainly worth your money.
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