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Czech Rubber Baton, surplus

Czech Rubber Baton, surplus

Price 24.99 USD excluding VAT

If you have an urge to do some batoning, act quickly. Limited availability!

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If you have an urge to do some batoning, act quickly. Limited availability!

This baton is a single molded piece of rubber, about 43 x 2 cm, (17" x 7/8") with an ergonomic and textured handle for your comfort. Elastic material for that whiplash effect, much to the detriment of the receiving person. It's a real-deal people-hurting baton, wanna play cops and robbers?

Please note! If you end up buying this and find yourself drunk and wondering what it feels like to take it up the ass, do note that it's advisable to use lots of lube on the baton and in your bunghole. It's also a good idea to start it slow. Trust us, we speak from experience.

Genuine army surplus

Unused. To get that evil sinful aura of hurt on this, you should "break it in" yourself.


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Ashley B. 26.05.2020
Might wanna put that "make sure these are legal to import to your country" warning on this one. I assume Finland has more sensible laws allowing these, but I know for a fact that these are banned in the UK for example. And I asume other western countries have other silly laws like this ;-;
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