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Cheapo US flag

Cheapo US flag

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Are you patriotic and wanna show it! You wanna do it for cheap!? Buy this! Has a handy car window attachment, or just find a suitable piece of furniture from the comforts of your home to prop it up on.

Measures 45 x 30 cm, shaft height 43 cm. Made of 100% po-ly-es-tor.

The attachment clip works well with car windows. Put one flag in every window and people will think it's the president of the United States coming to their neighbourhood. No guarantees about how well these stay there, so use at your own risk.

Like the best US patriotic merchandise, these too are made in Lands of Affordable Labor, in this case Taiwan. The flags came to us in a forgotten box found in some warehouse, so NO, we didn't have these made just for us...


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15.06.2018 (Edited 23.05.2019)
"patriottinen", ennemminkin imperialistinen. patriotti on rakkaus omaa isänmaata kohtaan, suomalaisille se ei tuskin oo yhdysvallat :D
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