We will raise Terävä prices

Published 13.03.2020
Your dad was a deserter and your mom died in a car crash. In other words, we have good and bad news. But not as bad as actual shit about your parents. The bad news first: we will raise Terävä prices. The price increase affects all Terävä brand items: Skramas, Jääkäripuukkos and sheaths. The amount will be from a few bucks to about a dozen: not a huge amount of money but relatively big.

The Terävä Skrama 240 is the oldest product of the bunch. It's actually older than the Terävä brand itself: it was released in July 2013 as "Varusteleka Skrama Bush Knife". The price was 60 USD back then, as it is now. (Price with Plastic Blade Cover, excl. VAT.) It doesn't take Milton Friedman to realize that we have tightened our belt as materials and labour have become more expensive over the years.

Here's the good news: we won't touch the prices before April 2nd of 2020. So you still have time to get some sharp stuff for the old price. (The new price will be higher, promise.)

P.S. No rules without exceptions: the upcoming Skrama 200 is already listed for the price it will be sold at. Click on the envelope in the product card to receive a notification when they arrive: there's no hurry to buy one because of price changes but the first batch will sell like hot cakes.