We accept Bitcoin

Published 26.02.2015
Bitcoin is accepted as payment in our webshop. It doesn't work in our Helsinki walk-in store yet, unless you order from the webshop beforehand, and wait for our morning shift to collect the items for you. We're working on a solution, but we're a bit short on coder resources, so it takes some time.

Bitcoin is actually a pretty good thing for all those who have difficulty in making foreign payments. You can buy Bitcoin in almost any country in your local currency, and after managing that, making international payments costs nothing and the payments happen instantly.

For completely anynomous domestic delivery, pay with Bitcoin and choose delivery to Smartpost unit. Give fake address details and use your most anynomous prepaid cellphone number to get the access code message. Remember to cover your face and eyes when you pick up the package, as Smarpost units have cameras on them.