Varusteleka photography contest

Published 03.02.2014

Hello dumplings! It is time for the famous Varusteleka photography contest and we want your photos like nothing else. We pondered for many an hour or more in the search of the perfect theme and came up with "War & Love". Jolly good, eh?

The theme can be used in any which way but please note that should you violate Facebook's image rules with images grotesque, they will be censored and published at Alasin (

Our honorable jury will rank the images arbitrarily by their accordance to the theme, idea and by technical aspect. The image should be a photograph, but brutal photoshopping and manipulation is OK.

We will publish the five best images that win a gift card to our shop and 15 images worth a citation by the 16th of April. After this, you get to vote your favorite by liking an image from the ones that get to the top 20. You get about a week to like the images, so stop snoozing by the fireplace, grandpas.

If you want to check out the fine images of the previous Varusteleka photography contest, please feel free to do so at Alasin - Varustelekan kuvakilpailu 2010.

The image:
- The theme is War & Love
- A photograph taken by you, feel free to edit it to your liking
- Only one image per fighter
- Maximum file size 2 MB, minimum short edge 600 pixels and maximum short edge 1280 pixels
- You may name the image and write a short description about it
- Submit your images to [email protected]

- Participation time from the 3rd of February to the 31st of March. Images submitted after this time will not be included in the competition
- 5 winning images and maximum 15 favorites of the Jury will be published by the 16th of April
- You may vote (like) your favorite for one week's time after the images have been published
- All the winners will be contaced by the 25th of April by email

- The Best Image, a 200 € gift card to our shop
- 2nd and 3rd place, a 100 € gift card to our shop
- 4th and 5th place, a 50 € gift card to our shop
- The public's favorite, a 200 € gift card to our shop

- The images will be published on Facebook, so they should follow Facebook's image rules. Should your photo violate Facebook's image rules, it will be censored and published at Alasin.
- The photographer's name and the optional title and description will be published alongside the image. We might edit the texts if we feel the need to do so.
- Varusteleka will get full rights to the usage of the images, and the photographer's name will shown next to the image. Glory to those who deserve it!
- Only images submitted to [email protected] will participate to the contest
- Only one image per fighter