Regular customer stamp discount system abolished

Published 07.01.2016
Dear regular customers,

We’ve been thinking a lot about our regular customer benefits lately, and come to a conclusion to end our current stamp discount system. The reason for this is that in order for the system to work in benefit for our business, we would ultimately have to raise all of our product prices. A general increase of our prices just for the illusion of a discount seems stupid, fake and pointless. That’s why we’d rather put an end to this system now and work on improving and developing a better regular customer system for the future instead.

Thank you for understanding!

Some of you have been our loyal customers for quite some time and probably gained some stamps already, so here’s a few Q&A’s explaining what will happen next:

Q: I have gained stamps that I still haven’t had time to use. What will happen to them?
A: Your stamps have been transformed into a discount code which has been sent to you by e-mail. Each stamp is worth 2 €.

Q: Help! I’m sure I have regular customer stamps on my account, but I haven’t received an e-mail with a discount code.
A: First check your trash bin. In case you still can’t find the e-mail by Monday next week, contact us at info[email protected]

Q: Are you serious that I can’t gain more stamps for my future orders?
A: Yes, but we’re working hard on a better system for regular customer benefits.