Plastic bags, begone!

Published 19.06.2018
We're taking the initiative to get rid of single-use plastic bags by the end of the year 2018. So far we have switched plastic bags in our shop to biodegradable ones, which we estimate to run out around November 2018.

Instead of plastic bags, we offer two options, which are already available.

The first is the Varusteleka Recyclable Tote Bag, which costs 4.99 Euros. The price is actually a deposit: when returned in good condition (clean, not broken) you get a discount for the bag's worth. For Regular Pigs we're introducing a possibility to have credits added to your account rather than a discount if you so wish. More sizes and prints will be available later.

The second option is the Jämä M05 Tote Bag, which is made of rejected Finnish army rain suit fabric. It's a durable bag for shopping or hauling stuff and also costs a fiver. No deposit though.

"But I don't want to buy a tote bag!" you say? That's cool: grab your Särmä Large Assault Pack or any backpack when you visit us.