Our warehouse is suffering from constipation

Published 20.07.2018
Our warehouse relocation and the opening of our new logistics center started off so smoothly, but apparently, we didn't knock hard enough on wood, and the winds of change blew us far off course.

Our warehouse robots' AI developed to the point where they became self-aware and no longer wished to live, so they pulled their own plugs. This and few other software nuisances have caused delay into our processes. Our warehouse is suffering from constipation, so to say.

We're terribly sorry for this and have commenced ceremonial self-flagellation and shame rituals. Our best estimates predict that by the end of next week (27.7.) we should be back on our normal "95% of our orders are shipped the next day" minimum efficiency level.

Best regards,
Varusteleka staff

P.S. Welcome to the grand opening of our new shop at Hankasuontie 11 on the 11th of August, from 10 to 02.