Money back on all returns, no exchanges

Published 26.09.2014
We have changed our customer returns policy. Things will continue so that all returns will be refunded, no exchanges will be made. If you would like to exchange something, please order the new item normally through our webshop and send the item to be returned to us in the post. You will get your money back. Your new item will be shipped a lot faster, and we don't need to bother with the extra work of making sure items are in stock, etc. Shipping charges will remain free for exchanges - you just use the voucher code found on the original receipt.

One of the reasons for this change is that we began using a new warehouse management system, and the switch caused us a lot of chaos. Some of our operations that were affected the most were customer service and returns, and therefore we decided on this change.

If you have sent us a return using the old system, don't worry, we'll still handle the exchange. It's easier and faster than trying to restart the whole process. So no need to panic!