Maintaining normalcy

Published 24.03.2020
Updated 27 March 2020.Varusteleka adapts to the current situation, prepares for the future and continues to serve customers to the fullest extent. Read our policy of handling the situation to understand how we aim to avoid "return to normalcy" because of not abandoning it in the first place.

Our webshop and customer service are open, that much should go without saying. The processing time of orders is normal as our employees have been careful at work and home: a sickness wave that would hurt our operations internally is nowhere to be seen. Even if infections would start to take us down, we have measures to protect our vital functions: each Varusteleka employee rotates to the warehouse on a regular basis to maintain a reserve of workforce to keep things running no matter what.

Our brick and mortar shop in Helsinki remains open, but Bar Sotima is closed. Opening hours have been temporarily changed due to COVID-19. Please see the changes in our opening hours from the Shop and Bar Sotima's page. We're not luring people in, just stating the fact. It would be advisable to shop online instead but all customers are welcome to visit us if they prefer. Rigorous disinfection and cleaning routines are applied at the shop and we usually aren't crowded thanks to the large shop area and quick service. Changes in visitor numbers or the general situation will be met with reductions in workforce and similar measures.

Here are some pieces of advice people should observe when visiting our shop or any other public space. We tried to come up with a catchy abbreviation to help remember the list but couldn't make anything of it. Help us out maybe?

Face masks reduce the probability of infection both ways. Even a scarf helps.

Use disposable gloves and turn them inside out while doffing.

Coughing and sneezing should be a sign to stay away from other people. If it happens anyway, cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve.

Keep disinfectants with you. A thorough soapy handwash is the most effective means against the COVID-19 but hand disinfectant is a good bonus.

Maintain a polite distance. Pretend you haven't showered and brushed your teeth for a week and are trying to cover it. Or just let your inner Finn loose, we don't like people near us even when there isn't a virus going around.

Employees of the shop may use protective gear and seem distant - that's on purpose. We let people check things out in peace instead of butting in and it's especially true during the coming months. If you come too close we will step back.