Hey gang, privacy policy info coming at ya!

Published 11.05.2018
Quite many of us have recently run into various privacy policy updates and acceptance notices. Behind all this is the EU’s new stance on privacy policies, the GDPR, which will come into effect at the end of May. The point behind this move is to unify the privacy policy rights for EU citizens, as well as to ensure that personal data is handled properly.

As a result we have updated our privacy policy’s terms and conditions, and we have added the option for our customers to control the information we may have on them. During registration and ordering we require a user to accept our terms and conditions, and pre-registered customers only receive a single pop-up that requires one click.

As we are the good guys, we want to be worthy of our customers’ trust, and we put a lot of effort into ensuring that information is handled and stored correctly. When a customer trusts us enough to give their address and contact information during the ordering or registration phase, we won’t do anything stupid with it, such as selling that information onward.

We do not collect or save any sensitive information. If you happen to tell us in the “More information”-section of an order about any sexual diseases you may have, then yeah, that information will be saved in our database (as well as scarring the minds of our customer service agents). Just don’t do that, okay? Thanks.

We collect, save, and handle information that we can sort into three different categories. First we have information given to us directly by the user. The second category is for information received from the use of web services, e.g. what product pages people browse through on our website, and with which devices. The third category is for your previous purchases which we then analyze in order to determine what products and sizes should be shown to you.

This is quite normal webshop analysis and data collection that allows for a website that runs smoothly and provides the best service possible. We are continuously developing our operations, because you can’t achieve Total World Domination by just sitting on your ass.

If this just isn’t for you, you may anonymize your account from your account page. At the same time you’ll reject the terms and conditions that you previously accepted. Once this is done, all of the personal information from your account and your orders will be wiped out, and we, you, or anyone else will not be able to read it or restore it.

And really, go read the whole Privacy Notice.