COVID-19 and Varusteleka

Published 13.03.2020
As all of you know, COVID-19 has turned into a pandemic. Our recon team is closely monitoring the situation and our propaganda department would like to let you know how all this affects your orders. The short answer: not much.

The Coronavirus (not the beer) has mainly affected the deliveries through Finnish Posti but hasn't had much of an effect on the deliveries through DHL Express. At the moment, Finnish Postal Service (Posti) doesn't deliver packages to Libya and Syrian and all mail traffic is seized to Iran at the moment. Deliveries to China run about once a week.

Deliveries by Posti to the USA, Italy and South Korea may, unfortunately, have some delays due to the situation at hand. However, DHL Express will deliver to most of the places, except Iran and Wuhan, as usual.

For now, our restocks are coming in just like any other day so there's plenty of goodies for you all. For some strange reason gas masks and rubber coveralls are out of stock but more masks are on the way. Dry and canned food items have been popular lately but we still have some.

Our customer service crew hasn't gotten hit and they are happy to help and answer all your questions about deliveries, products and whatever is on your mind - as usual.

The situation is not ideal but let's do what we can to get through this. And wash those hands!

This is the hand we've been dealt so let's make the best out of it!