9th May, Victory Day!

Published 09.05.2011
On this day a long time ago the "good" guys beat the bad guys in World War 2. This week we will be joining in the Victory Day celebrations with our eastern neighbours!

For the peoples this doesn't mean cake and vodka, but a lot of discounts on our selection of progressive, purely defensive Soviet and Russian stuff. Rember, Victory Day is just once a year, so stock up and fill the holes in your scale of issue now!
Behold these fruits of sosialistic labour:

-Flag of the Soviet Union, 4,00€ (norm. 5,00€)
-Russian Mountain troops uniform, Flora 95,50€ (norm. 109.50€)
-Blok-Post Gorka, 105,50€ (norm. 119.00€)
-Russian Businness Style sweater, camouflaged, 49,00€ (norm. 54.50€)
-Russian Telnyashka, long sleeve, dark blue, 12,50€ (norm. 16.50€)
-Russian mittens with trigger finger, Flora, 10,00€ (norm. 15.00€)
-Russian Flora uniform, VDV cut, 55,00€ (norm. 69.00€)
-Kizlyar Feniks 2 combat knife, leather sheath, 105,00 (norm. 135.00€)
-Kizlyar KO-1 Combat combat dagger, leather sheath, 115,00 (norm. 149.00€)

-Soviet M69 "HeBe" field uniform, 39,00-65,00€ (norm. 45,00-69,00€)
-Soviet Veshmeshok rucksack, 10,00€ (norm. 15,00€)
-Soviet Plash-palatka, rain cape/shelter half, 20,00€ (norm. 25.00€)
-Soviet SSh40M steel helmet, 39,00€ (norm. 45,00€)
-Soviet SSh60 steel helmet, 39,00€ (norm. 45,00€)
-Soviet SSh40 steel helmet, 30,00€ (norm. 35,00€)
-Soviet webbing suspenders, rubberized, 7,50€ (norm. 9.50€)
-Soviet canteen with pouch, 9,00€ (norm. 12.00€)
-Soviet AK-74 magazine pouch, 9,00€ (norm. 12.00€)
-Soviet hand grenade pouch, 10,00€ (norm. 15.00€)
-Soviet enlisted men's cockade, repro, 1,00€ (norm. 2.00€)

Prices valid 9. - 15. 5. 2011