Varusteleka War Flea Market Vol. 12, SEP 30, 2023

Are your closets bursting with unused gear, or are you into konmari? Come to Varusteleka's War Flea Market to sell your old military and outdoor items and to find some new treasures! The War Flea Market will take place at our premises in Helsinki, Finland.


  • Saturday, September 30th, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The store is open until 7 p.m. and Sotima until 8 p.m.
  • Varusteleka, Hankasuontie 11 A, Helsinki, Finland
  • Table slots have been sold out
  • Free entry


Our normal parking hall is reserved for the event, so you can park your car behind the building, on the top deck of the parking hall or at the side of Hankasuontie. During weekends, there should be plenty of space.


Peeveli's CRAP Bazar

Here we will collect the relics and lovely junk that our employees have hoarded! Acceptable payment methods are Siirto, MobilePay, and cold hard cash.

Donations to Ukraine

Help Ukraine in the war! Come to the War Flea market and bring along your non-monetary donation: the Ukrainian Association in Finland will deliver the donations to Ukraine. Here is the list of the goods that are needed.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland was founded in Helsinki in 1997 and its mission has been bringing together and representing the Ukrainian community residing in Finland and cherishing the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine. In 2014, the association started providing essential humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Organization’s work has focused mainly on humanitarian aid since 2022 when Russia started the full-scale war against Ukraine.

Mega dung heap

We've been doing some spring cleaning. We cleared out a bunch of product prototypes and returned items plus some other weirdos and threw them onto the dirt cheap Dunk Heap in the store. Come and see what we've got!

Gunpoint Helsinki

Gunpoint Helsinki will be at the War Flea Market hosting a quick pistol grip workshop with a Bluegun and telling more about their indoor shooting range. In addition to pistol shooting, the place is also suitable for rifle training. During this day, Gunpoint also offers rifle and pistol shooting at the range at 10, 12, 2 ja 4 o’clock Ten shots with a rifle or pistol for 15 € or ten shots with both guns for 20 €.

Additionally at 11 am, 1, 3, and 5 pm you can participate in a 50-minute introductory shooting session that includes safety training, guidance, insurance plus 20 shots with a .22 cal pistol and 10 shots with a 9 mm pistol. 50 €/person (norm 65 e). Each session fits seven people and you can sign up at the Gunpoint booth or directly at the range.

Pub Quiz

After shopping, we recommend heading to Bar Sotima to down a few pints and take part in our pub quiz at 6 PM. A quick hint: You might find info found on our history page helpful. The winner will be awarded!

Boot representatives and offers

If you're on the lookout for a new pair of combat or hiking boots, now's the time to act. Representatives from Haix and Salomon will be present at our store to answer your questions and talk about the different show models. We will have some offers as well, both in-store and online.


Causing serious cravings, but also satisfying them is Mike’s Diner. We tried it, we loved it, we ordered more. So, here we go again!

Choose from Cheeze, Spicy, BBQ-bacon, or Weggie burger and Mike's Mac'n Cheeze or Chili-feta salad on the side. Burger and side for 15 €.

Bar Sotima will take care of our thirsty visitors.

The previous War Flea Market

Peeveli's crap bazaar

A whole lotta people dropped by and the sales were perdy good! In the photo above you can see the mood of Perttu from the Peeveli's crap bazaar. See the Sotakirppis Vol. 11 photo gallery on our Finnish Facebook.