Varusteleka & Sotima Pre-Christmas party 13.12.2019

A piercing, almost music like noise dashes through the store. Behind the counter the bartender gazes upon its prey with one hand tapping the table and the other hand ready to pour a cold one for anyone willing to come close enough... yes indeed, it's the official pre-Christmas party of Varusteleka & Sotima!

  • Welcoming drink, snacks, live music, mindblowing drinks, Santa, and whatnot!
    • Welcoming drink served by Varusteleka at 20:30. First 100 to show up will get one!
    • Beer masters for the evenin are Olavin Panimo brewing company and Fat Lizzard bewing company.
    • Free snacks by Dried Meat Buddy and Spiraaliperuna. Caffeine overdose is provided by Warrior Coffee.

    Ohh, there's the house band (Varusteleka Hobo Band!) getting up the stage at and after their highly artistic yet down-to-earth set we'll witness the Maksetut Miehet (Paid Men) band keeping the dance floor going deep into the night.

    • Friday 13.12.2019 from 20:00 to 02:00
    • Hankasuontie 11 A, 00390 Helsinki, Finland
    • Free admission, K18


    Dutch Combat Boots, High Heels, Unissued
    Dutch Combat Boots, High Heels, Unissued
    12.99 USD
    Someone asked for Dutch combat boots. Well, here they are. Might look a bit feminine, but actually made for manly men in combat conditions. Why else would most of these be humongous?