Varusteleka <3 Savotta

A crazy party is coming! We put our heads together with Savotta and decided to make this proper good event for Saturday, 3.6, here in our Ruosilantie premises!

We have all sorts of things coming for you, such as a tent sauna, free pea soup, great offers, contests, pub quizzes, live music, expanded bar area, Scho-ka-kola girls (and maybe boys), and a general upbeat party mood.

Things to do and see

Sauna tent is warm the whole day

Savotta will pitch a sauna tent right in front of our shop, and you'll also be able to enjoy some refreshing sauna beverages (for a fee, of course). Options for washing up are limited, but surely the Savotta rep will pose as a shower stand and throw some water on you. Those of you that do go to sauna will get a free lovely heart-shaped M05 sauna seat cover. You can take it home!

Pea Soup Wagon

There will be free pea soup on offer, just like we've done before. There's 750 portions of this country's best pea soup, so hurry up before it's gone!

Airsoft shooting range

The guys over at will bring a bit of their wares as well as an airsoft shooting range! If you're trigger finger is aching then they have a cure!

Palsankylä's Village Blacksmith Iivari

Oooh, a real blacksmith! Village blacksmith Iivari will come hammer out some wares, and you can buy these and other things. Timetable: 10-18


Hang from a pack

Time: 15:00-18:00. Who can hang the longest from Savotta's M05 Jaeger backpack? We have a TANK and we have a Savotta Jaeger backpack hanging from the main gun. If you can hang from the pack for more than 1.5 minutes, you get some beef jerky. All of the contestants' times will be marked down, and the person that hangs the longest will get the Savotta M05 Jaeger backpack. The exact same one from which he or she just hung. The backpack will be awarded at 18.00. The tank is brought by Mil-safarit Oy.

Sotima Pubquiz

In the evening we'll kick things off with a pub quiz in Sotima! The questions will be about the history of Varusteleka, Savotta, and Sotima. You can join the quiz in a small group - the members of the winning team will be rewarded!

Prize giveaway!

You may enter the general prize contest throughout the whole event by leaving your contact details in our contest box. We have a few giftcards, one Savotta product, and one Varusteleka product. The prizes will be announced later - stay tuned!


  • All Salomon shoes are -15%
  • BW Defence 4 sleeping bag, surplus 79.99€ (norm. 109.99€)
  • For those that buy any Savotta backpack, you get a free Savotta MPP Foam Mat valued at 19.99€. The only NIR-protected seat cushion on the market. It also works great as a mousepad or as extra support in a backpack!

More information

Because things change, we also reserve the right to make a few changes of our own to the above timetable.

You can find more information from our Facebook page.