Party of Darkness at Sotima, 27.1.2023

Ladies and gentlemen, Varusteleka presents: THE WEEK OF DARKNESS 2023 - DARK BEER & DARKEST TUNES!

Our main hobo Otto has secretly been hoarding dark, strong, and dark and strong beer last fall and and winter! That means that now you have the change to taste some beer that you can feel right in your liver.

The WEEK OF DARKNESS starts on 23.1. and lasts all week. On Friday the 27th we will all gather to Sotima to appreciate the darkness of the season. Dress code is dark, but it doesn't have to be a suit!

Our playlist for the week will contain dark and gloomy tunes, such as black metal, country music and people's music from Kazakhstan.

On Friday we will be open until midnight. Age limit is 18 years.

PS. On Friday you can wear corpse paint!

PPS. We have face paints!