Meet & Greet: Combat Arms Channel JUN 16, 2022

Ever seen a reaction video on YouTube? Thought so. Theo from Combat Arms Channel , one of the guys who creates these popular reaction videos, is coming to Finland. On top of that, he's coming to our bar Sotima to have a meet & greet! On Sunday 12th he'll be awaiting you at our bar from 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM - See you there!

  • Where: Bar Sotima, Varusteleka, Finland
  • When: 12th June, 14:00-17:00 (2-5 PM in American)

Combat Arms Channel what?

Combat Arms Channel is a YouTube channel managed by Theo, an ex-Marine currently serving in the Army. He makes reaction videos to military related things and videos from around the world, including Finland.

So head to our store, sneak into our bar and have some fun! The event is free of charge, but the beer you'll need to pay for.