Meet and greet: Bloke on the Range and Polenar Tactical, OCT 20, 2021

Oh boy! Restrictions are being lifted and bars have been open normally or almost normally for some time now. We are glad to offer good company to go with your beer: on Wednesday OCT 20th in Sotima, you'll find a British gentleman from Switzerland aka. Bloke on The Range, and the good folks of Polenar Tactical from Slovenia. The event starts at five and is open until the bar closes at eight.

As a baseline, we ask you to wear a face mask as it's generally snot-flinging season in addition to the you-know-what. The centers of attention probably have their own preferences when it comes to handshakes and selfies together, but we never greeted people with kisses in the first place - or if we did, the tongues didn't touch. It'll be fine.

Who are these people?

Not familiar with the Bloke and Polenar folks? You can get started with any of these links: